January 24 2011

Five tips on how to write good blogs

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Virtual world is very interesting and often its trends are contrary to the general convictions. While most of the developers think that a good image is the best thing to grab the attention of visitors, earth has creatures that are more impressed by the blog content of a website. So, blog writing is as important an element of website as graphics, if not more. Moreover, if your site is dealing with some services, then it would be more rational to rely on the authority of words than counting on the creativity of the designer. Your site is not just a look-at-me item. Here are certain rules on how one can write blogs to meet your objectives.

Start with an expressive title: Practically, you have few precious seconds to grab the visitor’s attention. Your title can turn on the visitor. Make it clearly demonstrate the points you are trying to drive on. Use a few simple words that are easy to understand and gives the visitor an at-home feeling. Don’t bask on imagery. Your visitor may find it vague and you lose.

Hit the goal in first 100 words: You must understand that a majority of users seek important info in your site. Few come for entertainment. So, do not cram the blog with delicate nothings. Instead, put your views or information succinctly. The more the clarity, the more it will engage the visitor. Ensure that your writing gives the reader an easy-to-go experience. If the blog forces the visitor to us his gray matter, he has options to leave.

Conform to the present trend: Style of blog writing has always evolving. That is why it is imperative for you to be familiar with the present writing style. You may be well impressed with the Latinate. But it should take the back seat when the responsibility if convincing the visitor is to be shouldered by you. You have the liberty to use heavy jargon but not at the expense of tricking the reader. So, you must stick to the common usages to produce lucidity in language.

Use small chunks of content: When you are writing a blog, avoid posting large chunks of content. Better, divide them into small sections. Your content has to be well organized. A marathon paragraph is sure to make the reader weary. Moreover, if he stumbles on certain words or phrases, he will give-in. You have to be careful not only about the language and division of text but also the interconnectedness of the paragraphs.

Make it original: Creative blog writing can be as exhilarating for the writer as it can be exhausting for the reader. If you try to pepper your writing with some borrowed imageries, you are making your blog a salad. It is very essential to be aware of ‘what goes with what’. Write in your own and restrain yourself from forcefully gushing out language. Disambiguate your thought. Uncomplicate your construction. Your writing will be appreciated for its readability.

Blog posting can have various objectives—like selling products and building a community of like-minded people or even creating awareness on certain things. But if you want to use your blog to have a positive impact on the visitors, you can consider the above suggestions. One more thing you can do is to link explanatory pop-up windows to the phrases which are likely to strike the readers. It will ensure a not-so-difficult study.

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