February 01 2011

Five Tips To Pen A Perfect Press Release

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A press release acts as a detonator when you decide to introduce a product or a service with a bang. Your attention should primarily be focused on how you can get the message across to the media, which is the foremost inlet before you to reach out to the consumer.

It is true that a lion’s share of your content should be entitled to the specification of your product and service or the details of news. But the press release writing requires ornamentation and certain technical aspects of content writing to beef up the piece. You can get the required media exposure if you dwell on some aspects while writing.

Use a punch line: It needs to be understood that your product has not come with any benediction to get the attention of the media. You have to penetrate the media with the individuality of your service. They will not go mumbling to the public about your service. Use a punch line that captures the media attention as well as of the public. It will be more befitting if the line is built around anything that has set a hot debate in the consumer culture.

Provide a great headline: Although there is little scope for showing off your creativity when you are on a press release writing meant to promote a product. But still in this era of digital advertising, writers are free to take some liberty. Try to depict the concept rather than the hardware. Give information that does not put them down with answers but elicits queries. Let the headline be evocative instead of flat confession of excellence.

Focus on how it helps: Consumer is a curious creature. But they are intelligent inasmuch as they know what they need. If you are pouring over all the specifications of a product, your target consumers will be left gasping. They don’t understand what Symbian 40 series is, for that matter. But they can easily pick up the utility of this platform if its user-friendliness is discussed.

Give sources: Print media does not allow you to use sources. If you post a citation below, that will be a worm in a hook and add to the reader’s discomfort. But if it is digital media, you are free to fathom the reader’s curiosity level. You can use links to source pages containing useful definitions. You can also provide a previous press release writing to allow readers option of in-depth study.

Avoid using technical terminology: You have to keep in mind that if the press release is not intelligible owing to the use of heavy words and jargons, the consumer market will have no inkling about product being available. Keep the press release writing as lucid as possible. Use terminologies that ordinary users are familiar with. If a reader stumbles on a word, it is your business to get hurt. So, stick to easy-to-grab vocabulary.

A warning about your spelling mistakes sounds very childish. But you have to avoid it if you don’t want to draw flak. There is only one way to get the business going by making it perfect at every level. The press release writing also has to be flawless without any reason as such.

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