February 27 2011

Five Useful iPad apps for article writing

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You boast of a demonstrable caliber in writing good articles on your PC But if the PC is being replaced with an iPad, it will be as if you have been caught off guard. It happens. After working on a medium for decades, you feel you have grown to your desktop, as it were, and the system has entered your soul.

But in reality, the developers are apprehensive of this disarming capability of high-end devices. Things like iPad and other tablet computers have built into apps with the consideration that the device does not nibble at your creative energy. Fortunately, they come with a slew of apps purposely to bring desktop experience during your article writing on iPad.

Though the following will be focused on some of the apps of iPad, it must be made clear unambiguously that the emphasis is laid on article writing, not on the relative quality of iPad. Let’s have a discussion of those helpful tools.

Pages: Pages is one of the best and primitive tools that the early iPad came packed with. This is a great word processor that offers almost every application that Microsoft offers you. The nice clean writing surface allows you to make its full-screen to minimize distractions coming from around the page. Formatting your article is also very easy as the basic editing tools, tables, image placements—everything necessary to make your content writing presentable piece is offered on iPad.

Clean Writer: Clean writer is a writing tool that has been developed for the minimalists because it comes with a zen-like interface. Clean Writer is particularly helpful for those who like to write and show up. Moreover, this tool contains lots of features which can be easefully employed. As they have their utility, chances is little that your creative article writing energy will be caught in snag.

My Writing Nook: This tool is way ahead of the Clean Writer. Loaded with a lot more features than the other, it is exclusively meant for the dedicated writers who mean to work on ebook or press. My Writing Nook enables the writer to organize the whole of writing in chapters. Its unique screen layout makes it easier for the writer to get put accent on articles writing, if there are too many of breaks within the writing. In addition, when your fingers are running across the alphanumeric keypad, the writing gets automatically synced with the online version.

Chapters: The nomenclature of the tool is not truthful to its function. Before you begin with your article writing with the iPad in hand, you need to brainstorm ideas, provided you are serious about it. In other words, you need to do the ground work and jot down notes beforehand. Here comes the advantage of using Chapters. This tool automatically keeps your otherwise unorganized notes organized in virtual notebooks. Your writing benefits from this tool immensely.

Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus: The oldest company in Jack’s writing. It is often that that your writing comes in fits and starts. You abuse your Muse. But instead a good dictionary at your pillow will surely help you out of this mess. To get the right word that eludes you, the iPad Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus comes vary handy. This vocabulary tool unshackles your prodigy and delivers words to make your writing go.

For article writers who on the one hand likes to remain dedicated bloggers and on the other getting PC-shy gradually, such appropriate tools provide a kind of breakthrough. No longer do you need to stay compliant to the boxy bulk on your desk. Instead keep working on your blog during your journey.

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