February 28 2013

Five Website Copywriting Mistakes That You Cannot Afford to Commit

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Irrespective of a website’s brilliant design or ease of navigation, it finally boils down to the words it contains. If they are not powerful enough, a casual visitor may remain just that without getting converted into a prospective customer. That is why you have to pay as much importance to website copywriting as you do to its design or navigation. There are some strict no-nos when it comes to writing content for a website. If you want to excel in the online business, you have to surely avoid these grave mistakes. Let us see what they are:

Writing in an inward manner:Your writing should not suffer from the inward-focus syndrome i.e. describing your product’s story in all its grandeur. This is because your customers simply do not have the time for it. The only thing they are interested to know is: ‘how can I benefit from it?’ Period! Therefore, the product page should talk about its features, benefits and the experience that can be derived from it. Ideally, a typical page should use 50 words on features, 100 on benefits and 150 on the experience.

Hiding the lead: The decision to stay on a site is made by a visitor within a couple of seconds. In such a scenario, you cannot   expect to save the best for the last. You have to come straight to the point because you cannot expect visitors to read your site from start to finish. It is clearly not a novel where you can take the liberty of beating around the bush in order to build the suspense. Thus, find out your lead and highlight it in bold especially if you cannot begin with it.

Ordinary meta content: Website copywriting is not only about the main content that is uploaded on the site and is present in all its pages. Certain meta factors also have a major role to play in brand awareness, user experience and conversion. Though majority of meta elements are meant for search engines, there are two which pertain to humans namely meta title and description. You cannot afford to have a lackadaisical approach towards them. The title tag should straightforwardly and clearly explain the nature of the page. Similarly, the meta description should include an attractive incentive that can entice the visitor to click.

Too Much of Content: Brevity works because curiosity is aroused by it. A site which has limited but relevant content triggers interest, compelling the visitor to explore more. However, if everything is mentioned in a detailed and elaborate manner, nothing is left for the imagination. Therefore, avoid stuffing every bit of information and keep the content short and crisp.

Absence of or a weak call to action: A brilliantly written persuasive page becomes meaningless if there is no call to action (CTA). You cannot expect your visitors to be so inspired by your web content so as to pick up their phone instantly and call or submit the online form and urge you to get in touch with them. Thus, website copywriting ought to include a proper call to action such as ‘place an order’, ‘get a quote’, ‘enroll, subscribe, enter’ or ‘learn more.’

Do not commit these mistakes and you can expect a healthy flow of visitors to your site.

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