December 07 2015

8 Engaging Secrets to Keep Flow of Ideas for your Blog Posts Running

Do you think visitors will not read your blog posts anymore? Are you at a loss of good ideas? There is no denying the role of blogs in rendering optimum exposure to a business. No matter how much experience you have in the field of offering content writing services. Lack of ideas is a common factor. However, there is nothing to worry about. There is a caldron full of ideas ready at your disposal. Apply them and watch readers flooding your blog post.

Here is what I have in store for you.

# Take an audience poll

Did you know that your audience is one of the greatest sources of inspiration? You might know everything about the business you are writing about, but the rest of the world does not. They are brimming with questions and waiting for someone to answer. Customers, friends and colleagues everyone has something to ask.

Now, your blog post definitely has a comment section. Have you read the questions placed by your readers? If yes, answer them. Readers will always ask what they do not understand and do not know. Catering to their needs is your first step to success.

# Use social media to your advantage

Leverage social media. You must have heard this adage several times ever since you started writing contents. But, the question is how? LinkedIn, Twitter and Forums are social media sites that can enhance traffic to your blog posts.

  • Is an idea doing the rounds in your mind? Ask your audience what they think about it before you write on that topic. Gauge their opinion; it will help you realize if they are at all interested to discuss that particular idea.
  • You can get ideas from audience comments as well. You will realize what they have to say about the company for which you are writing, their products and services. Comments by audience will also give you an insight into the problems they face.
  • You will ask next – What can I do if there is hardly any forum or conversation on social media about what I write? Good question and it has an even better answer. Herein lays the magic of content writing services. Do some research and start a conversation. You will notice that slowly and may be really very slowly, your blog will start getting traffic. Someone has to initiate solving problems in a particular industry, why not you? With more problems, you will have more solutions to offer.

# Choose a current topic and take your stand

Keep an eye for controversial topics in the industry for which you are writing. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to follow others. If you think differently, speak it out. Or rather, write it down. Ideas off the beaten track play a significant role in enticing readers and increasing shares.

# Write about mistakes you have committed and their solutions

As a child, how many times have you laughed at your sibling being scolded by your mom for making a mistake? Giggling? See, there you go. Humans love to know about mistakes. You can write a blog mentioning a recent mistake you made. Trust me, it is going to fetch you a bag full of online traffic. But, do not end your writing there. You need to mention how you could have got it right. Otherwise, your readers won’t share your blog.

# Keep notesand point out what is missing

  • As a content writer you have to read blogs, attend seminars and events. Why not carry a diary where you can jot down the points you learn and those discussed? Later, find out the points missing in the blogs or discussions. Write a blog about what you experienced and another blog about the things you wish were discussed in the blog or the event.
  • You can read books and articles by famous personalities in a particular field. Write reviews on what you have understood. These types of blogs attract attention of readers. Remember, you are providing content writing services to aspecific client who needs your expertise. Your review should cater to the needs of the audience of that company.

# Take a look at what your competitors have written

You must have read blogs by competitors and realized that you could have easily written on the topic on which he or she wrote. However, it just did not strike your mind. So, what is the solution? It is reading more and more competitor blogs.

  • I am not asking you to write exactly what the competitor has written. But, you can expand the idea and even write about things he or she missed out.
  • Subscribing to blogs of competitors gives you the impetus to carry forward your work. However, if you really want to allure readers, you may take the opposite stand to what the competitor has taken. You don’t want your readers to think that you are a copycat. Do you?

# Go back to older blogs and see if you can make a difference

Take a look at the posts that received high traffic and shares. There must have been something in your art of offering content writing services. Do you want to get back those days of glory and make people desire your content?

  • How will readers know what you wrote on a particular subject one year ago? For the benefit of your readers create a list post and mention some ideas. Now, link the new post to a former post that speaks in detail about the same topic.
  • Another useful impact of reading old blogs is that you can assess the gaps you had left the last time. Focus on a specific area where you could have written more and expand the idea. Here is your new blog.

# Contact guest bloggersto fill the gap for the time being

You think you have reached the tunnel’s end and there is no way out, at least for the time being. No issues. Contact a guest blogger to write for you. A new writer and new ideas are bound to keep your audience glued. In the meantime, you can search for new ideas to entertain your readers.

You must have realized one thing by now – getting new ideas for offering smooth content writing services is not that difficult. Is there anything you deem missing in this blog? State your opinion and enlighten us.

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