October 31 2013

Important Free Tools For Creating Visual Content in Your Blog

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Do you want your blog content writing site to have some attractive images? Well, you have clicked onto the right place as here, you are going to get a list of free images that can create the desired impact, by grabbing users’ eyeballs at once.

Human mind is such that it absorbs images much faster than texts. Research shows human brain to retain information in the visual form more effectively than those in writing. It had further found that 40% of the times, human beings respond to images than they do to texts.

The good news is that you too can harness the power of vision for getting more conversions on your site and thus, strengthen your rapport with your followers on social networking sites, and create a favorable impression on your target consumers.

Here’s a list of some free and paid tools that can help you improve your visual appeal over the internet.

 This works like Photoshop and can be downloaded free of cost. With Gimp, you can easily edit your images by drawing shapes, animating, manipulating photos, creating vignettes etc.

Google plus: Its photo editing features have made it easier for users to edit images, include texts and publish right away in their timeline.

Pixlr: This is basically an app meant to be used for editing photos in smartphones. It features three different online programs for enhancing your visual skills. Playful, efficient and advanced are the three modes that it has. Its advanced filters are good at enhancing the look of your professional images. And last but not the least, it is extremely user-friendly.

Quozio: If you are into blog content writing, you need to understand that visual content does not involve only pictures. You can beautify your blog is several other ways, like you can enhance quotes and share them on the social networking sites and your own blog as well.

Quick memes: This can be an interesting way to pep up your blog. With Quick memes, you can combine images with funny texts, which should obviously be relevant. Aren’t you very good memes? Need not worry as you can pick from the database of thousands of memes that are created for people to pick from.

Gif Maker: Catch the desired eyeballs with gifs. They are actually more easy to assemble than you think. You just need to use the gif maker application for animating images. The best bet would be to make gifs that are relevant to your business. For instance, if you have a blog on building construction, you can create a Gif of a man falling off the ladder while instructing his juniors on safety precautions at a construction site.

Piktochart: If you like complex mathematical figures, you can use infographics for breaking the data into smaller chunks. Piktochart is among the several infographic tools that you can use for making quality visual content for your site. You can then distribute this content to various social networking sites in order to drive more and more traffic.

So, if you are looking for some popular free tools for creating visual content for your blog content writing site, this write-up is surely going to help you.

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