December 27 2011

Gauge the positive and negative aspects of freelance content writing

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Just like any other profession, freelance content writing has its many benefits and drawbacks. Before moving into freelance content writing field, you must gauge probabilities to ensure that you are fit for it. Since moving your fulltime career into freelancing is one of those major steps, it should be done with absolute sensibility.

It has financial as well as personal implications that just go beyond any simple benefits like ‘home-based work’ or ‘working as per self convenience’. If you are determined to move into full time freelance website content writing, then you should do it with your eyes and senses open because it’s you who have to deal with all the aftermaths, be it negative or positive!

The initial steps are not at all easy for all freelance content writers because the benefits of freelance writing are just attainable but there is no guarantee of achieving the same. Although, huge opportunities exist into freelancing but a line of risks also accompany a debut writer. Freelance content writers stepping into such a brand new field requires great amount of emotional, personal and sometimes financial investments which may amount to high involvement and thus needs serious considerations.

If they succeed, then they will be associated with projects about which they are passionate about, will be working according to their convenience setting their schedule while making more money than a full timer. But before coming to any judgment, it is better to analyze the various pros and cons of freelance writing:-

Argument in favor of freelance writing

  • Ultimate freedom is what all content writers get out of a freelance writing job! You will be your own boss, setting your own work schedule according to your convenience. You can even select projects that interest you the most and the ones you are passionate about.
  • You are the one who is also going to select your employer, whether an independent content provider or a professional content writing company for whom you will be creating fresh and original contents.
  • You make money more than any full time employee, charging suitable rates for the projects assigned to you.
  • You get the unique opportunity of working at home. You don’t have to get up early every morning like the full timers rushing to the office. Your home will be your work space where you can comfortably sit and carry on with the projects.
  • You get to work with different kinds of clients, on various topics and subjects. Freelance writing increases your knowledge base which is certainly not possible in a full time job option.

Now that you are aware of the pros of freelance writing, it’s time that you should also be aware of its cons:-

Argument against freelance writing:-

  • The prime concern of being a freelance writer is that you are financially unstable. Your independent content provider or content writing company will only employ you till the time you deliver the best for them. The moment you are down with quality, they will straight away hand you a pink slip!
  • Pressure is immense in the field of freelance writing with constant projects rolling in and out. In the race of earning more money through your content writing services, you will soon be exhausted and this pressure can also take a toll on your health.
  • Beginners can face tremendous exploitation while providing freelance content writing services due to lack of proper guidance.
  • Your social life will be at stake since you will be busy all the time with huge writing projects.
  • Freelance writing jobs are rarely acknowledged since we have been following the conventional 9 to 5 job schedule.


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