September 10 2013

Google Online Tools for Generating Unique Content Ideas

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If you own an online business, you must have heard of the phrase “content is king”; but how can you instruct your content writer to write in a way that interests the audience. Let’s assume you have a simple site with a blog section, a good idea about your target market demographics, are running a not-so-expensive SEM campaign with a smarter of keywords, and want to get targeted traffic. But the problem is you are stuck for ideas about what to write on. Well, under such circumstances, this post may help you out.

Online tools of the trade
You can make use of certain Google tools like Google Keyword Tool, Insights for Search, Google Trends and Google Alerts. With these tools, you can get an idea about the current favorite topics of the audience, topics that are currently popular on the internet and get important stories related to your business. If you have an account in Google, its well and good as you can save the various options and settings; but if you do not, you can still access the tools.

Google Keyword Tool
Firstly, let’s have a look at how to use Google Keyword Tool to find article themes and titles. Let’s assume you have a California-based accounting business, so you can type terms like “tax accountants California”, “tax agents California” and “California accounting firms”.

Select your language and country and use ‘Exact’ for the match-type to make sure you get accurate data and then hit search. Quite interestingly, you will find Google bringing up a list of related search terms along with the amount of competition, on the basis of online marketing AdWords, and the number of Local Monthly Searches for those phrases. Once you go through the list, you will see that more than 500 people are searching for medium-competition terms like “tax returns California”, “business tax return” and “small business accounting”. Fabulous! That is exactly what we were looking for.

Now we know that businesses in your region are looking for these exact terms, and the level of competition is medium; hence, you can get an article ranked for these phrases. A good content writer can easily turn those keywords into appealing titles like “5 Things to Know About Small Business Accounting” or “Time Saving Ideas For Your Business Tax Return”. So, this way, you can have the content that is being searched by the target audience.

Google Trends

With Google Trends, you can get hold of top phrases that are being searched in Google. In order to delve a little deeper, you can find out how the search term has grown or diminished in popularity over a certain period of time. The tool provides you with the Top 20 ‘hot’ search terms in the current days.

Google Insights

This is similar to Trends but comes with more advanced filtering techniques. With Google Insights, you can search for Terms, Date Locations or Ranges and also find the currently popular search phrases. Its additional features that allow you to sort results by industry and search type, can help you have a more precise idea regarding what a particular set of audience is looking for right now.

Google Alerts
This is a deceptively simple looking tool that provides great results by sending you email updates whenever you post stories or articles on the internet. You can filter the results by defining particular sources or you may also ask the search engine giant to intelligently pick relevant results. When you select keywords related to your business, you’ll be alerted whenever people discuss issues connected to your area of expertise, allowing you to engage with these communities or use topics as fresh ideas for articles.

With these tools, you can chalk out an effective marketing plan and instruct your content writer accordingly. This way, you provide rich content to your audience, converting them into valuable customers in return.

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