August 21 2013

Struggling With Blog Topics? Here are Some Tools to Help You

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Are you struggling with which topic to submit to your content writing company for posting? Do not be frustrated because you are not the only person in such a plight. Just like you, other people too find it a challenge to get new topics for each blog post.
You need to make sure you engage your audience with interesting content which attracts more and more traffic to your site, but the problem is how can you do it when you are not sure what to write on?

Relax. Here’s how:


The chief aim of Alltop is to find an answer to the question “What’s happening?” in interesting topics. It basically gets you a gist of the recent posts from all the well-known blogging sites in the internet. The range of the list is pretty broad, which includes marketing and finance blogs to that of fashion and fitness.

So, at Alltop, you can pretty much expect to get everything you can think of. All you need to do is choose your topic and you will be presented with an elaborate list of blogs on similar subjects. Thus, you can see what the blogging world is going gaga about and get inspired by one of them.

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

Here, you just need to enter a phrase or a word and you get a long list of possible blog titles. You can see the title ideas in several categories ranging from lists and questions to motivation and secrets. So, if you are someone who is not very good with headings, this free tool is for you. A content writing company often gets several catchy titles from this tool.
Content Strategy Generator Tool
The tool scans all the latest news, articles and blogs from the web and presents it before you. You just need to enter a phrase or word to see a humongous list related to your search string. Suppose, you have typed ‘fitness’; the tool will present you all the new content from popular fitness sites from across the web.


This tool requires you to enter a word or phrase in order to get the recent blog posts, tweets, G+ posts etc. related to your search string. If you are searching for a trending subject, you can get updates on the basis of past hour, past day or past three days. You can also filter the results to see only videos, tweets, expert opinions etc. Going through them will surely give you some great ideas to write on for your blog.


It may not be a great tool for getting actual blog titles but can be very helpful in getting ideas about general topics for new posts. Here too, you need to enter a phrase or a word to see a long list of results containing the phrase or the word followed by similar topics.
Now that you know the tools with which you can generate blog topics, go ahead and choose from them, and submit to your content writing company topics to write blogs on.

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