November 20 2013

How Can You Convert Your Valuable Users into Subscribers?

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If you own a AdSense site, it is less likely that you would recognize your most valuable visitors. The reason for that is Google does not allow ads to open in new tabs, and visitors are less likely to press the back button to visit your site again. According to any content writing India company, this is one of the greatest reasons behind webmasters not being able to identify their regular visitors and converting them for business.

The best time to convert a visitor into a subscriber is when someone comments on your post. When a person comments on your blog, it means he or she found it important enough to spend time on, reading it and commenting on it. Let’s discuss this point in detail.

Comments – Thank You Page: There’s a plug-in in Yoast that redirects users to a Thank You page when they comment on a blog for the first time. This can serve as a great opportunity, allowing you to speak a little about yourself, and make an attempt at converting the commenter by slipping in a subscription form. Your message can be as simple as “Thank you so much for taking out your precious time to comment. If you liked the post and want to get notified for the ones that are yet to come, kindly submit your email id below and we shall get back to you”.

Comments – Subscription Page: Content writing India says that you may direct your users to a subscription page with a good freebie. It can say something like “Thanks for commenting. It is people like you who help us get going. Please do accept our humble gift. Just tell us where we can send it for you. In the end, place an arrow to your subscription box. Honestly, this can be a little sneaky, but if the user is really impressed with your site, you definitely have a chance. Take note that we have not mentioned the word ‘Subscribe’ in either of the examples. Do not go on talking. Instead, keep it short and sweet.

If you make filling up of the subscription form mandatory, you may always get commentors’ email ids, but the 2 ways mentioned in the previous paragraph almost guarantees that you have successfully converted your users to loyal subscribes who actually look forward to your posts and messages.

Comments – Make them leave one: You need to organize a giveaway with the help of a Rafflecopter and place an entry that asks users to leave a comment. Once they do that, use any of the 2 strategies that have been discussed in the previous paragraphs. You need to note two points here: subscription formula- you aren’t really targeting your valuable users in this way; and, as the users came expecting a giveaway, they will be preferring a freebie on a Subscription page to a mere Thank You page.

Now that you know some of the ways in which you can convert your valuable users, get hold of a good content writing India company today and get started with the job.

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