October 08 2013

How Can You Make Your Blog Even More Interesting?

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Are you wondering if you are writing your posts with all your heart and mind, why is it not getting enough or any shares and comments? Well then, do you want to know what exactly is missing? It is pillar or evergreen content that your blog is lacking. Such content gets the maximum number of comments, shares and links. And it is this type of write-ups that businesses pay content writing services for. Such posts are generally longer than the standard length of blogs, are well thought and structured.

Now, you may be wondering how should you do that, right? Well, here’s how:

Do not post quantity but quality

Cut down on the number of blogs you are posting. You do not really need to post everyday, instead once or twice a week. This way, you will get more time to research, write and edit your write-up, thereby moving towards producing great content. Readers never unsubscribe from a site that produces quality content only because they do not post very frequently; they do so from sites that post bad content.

Have a defined objective for your blog

Before you begin to write your pillar post, make sure you know what exactly you want to accomplish with it. Do not just post for the sake of it. Think what it is that you want to do with your write-up, whether you want to create a portfolio piece to impress employers and clients, impress your readers, prompt them to buy a product from you, get prominence in social media or receive more queries from potential clients and buyers.

Suppose, you have a blog on parenting and you want users to buy your e-book on the same subject. What you can do is add a quick paragraph on your book at the end of your post. The idea here is not promotion of your book, but getting users in the right frame of mind to buy your book.

Note down your ideas
We often get good ideas when we are not really thinking about it, but do not get one when brainstorming on it. So, make sure you jot down your ideas whenever they come to you, except when you are in your shower!

Create a Fab title
This is a point that professionals at content writing services stress on as it is very important for drawing readers. Though many bloggers choose to write first and then give a title, I would say it is better to give a rough title before you begin, as that helps you stay on track. You can obviously change the title later. However, make sure it is clear, specific and intriguing.

Give your content a proper structure
Badly structured post is not just difficult to write but read as well. This way, you will possibly spend more time staring at your screen, wondering how to proceed, and your readers will invariably click away after going through a few lines. In order to avoid that, create a structure; the most common one being: title – introduction – subheading – paragraph – subheading – paragraph – and so on, finally ending with a conclusion or call-to-action. This way, it becomes much easier to write as you have a defined path to follow and your reader find the content going towards a conclusion as opposed to nowhere.

Besides these points, you should also make sure that you have a great beginning and a satisfying end. Content writing services mostly use these tips to create write-ups that can be capitalized on.

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