January 24 2013

How Content Writers Should Deal with Criticism

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One of the biggest problems with creative people is that sometimes some of their wonderful ideas don’t get the appreciation they deserve. If you are a content writer, you must have faced instances where someone told you, “This article is not that good”. Such negative feedback certainly hurts but instead of getting frustrated, you must learn to deal with criticism.

Whenever you put a work in front of mass audience, they are going to judge it and share their opinion with you. You have to be courageous and listen to them. Don’t take harsh criticisms to heart because critics can be wrong as well. Whatever you do, don’t lose confidence in your abilities.

If criticism still feels unbearable, here are a few solutions you can try:

Enjoy it –

So someone said something bad about your writing. So what? It’s a part of your job. Take the criticism casually and don’t pay any attention. After all, even negative publicity is publicity. As a writer, your main aim is to encourage people to read your articles and since people are talking about it, that means they are reading it.

Nobody Is Right and Nobody Is Wrong –

When you write an article, you basically share your personal opinion, suggestions and ideas. On the other hand, when someone else reads the same article, he judges it according to his own viewpoint. Now, he may or may not like it because your ideas contradict with his. Let’s consider this example: in a “10 tips for attractive web design” titled article, you may have said that Flash can enhance the visual appeal of a website but a reader may feel that Flash is not SEO friendly and hence, should be avoided in website design. Both points are valid. However, you are looking from the design perspective and he is considering the SEO friendliness of web design.

Some People Will Never Understand –

You may not believe it but some people are simply idiots. They just don’t get any novel idea and criticize anyone and everything. Criticizing a content writer online is very easy as blogs generally feature a “comments” facility. If you read a few meaningless negative comments posted by Tom, Dick or Harry, just don’t bother.

Look at the Positive Traits –

Read what your critics have said about you and you may actually find an interesting idea for your next article. Did they say something important that you may have overlooked while writing an article? For instance, if you write an article on dynamic website design and someone criticizes you for not mentioning HTML5, it’s a valid point. Accept the mistake and write your next article on HTML5 and its usage in dynamic website design.

Stop Self-Punishment –

Some writers feel so sad that they consider quitting the job. Never do that. As I have already said, negative feedback is a part of any creative person’s job. Don’t you know that web and logo designers often provide several redesigns just because clients don’t like the concepts? If clients are not happy with your content, rewrite and make the necessary changes to keep them happy.

Hope that the 5 tips suggested here will help you retain positive spirit against the harshest criticism. As a content writer, you have to accept both positive and negative feedback, learn from your mistakes and keep improving your writing skills to impress readers.

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