May 27 2013

How Google Chooses Good Content?

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Google, the God of all search engines, has introduced many filtering procedures that tend to oust poor quality content from search results. Previously, building thousands of links and stuffing the content with key words were two very effective ways of increasing traffic for a page. But, with the introduction of new technologies, search engine optimization has changed drastically and today those two methods yield no result at all. It is to be kept in mind that pages that are rich in content gain the best ranks in Google search results. Hence, website copywriting based on quality write-ups has become hugely important of late.

With the application of the latest technology, Google has been able to exclude from search results those pages that have bad quality write-ups or no information at all. This has helped users get access to high quality materials without browsing through useless pages. It has also been observed that successful and popular content follow a few strategies that help them retain their position for a long time. These are as follows:

  • Updating the content frequently, at least once a week, helps it stay in a good position. The quicker the content is updated, higher is the chance of more number of people visiting the page. Frequent updates keep the page alive, keeping it in a good position in search results.
  • Least number of spelling and grammar errors in website copywriting also makes a page hugely popular. A good write-up does not have more than three spelling mistakes and more than four grammatical errors. Google uses the check feature in Microsoft Word to check spelling and grammar in the write-up. However, proper nouns, new words or words from other languages are carefully excluded from the list of probable errors.
  • Precise and short sentences and paragraphs are the main constituents of a good write-up. Paragraphs should never contain more than 3-4 sentences and writers should try to finish each sentence within 10-12 words.
  • Bulleted points can be incorporated in order to make a write-up engaging and interesting. People generally tend to concentrate more on points than on flat paragraphs. Therefore, conveying the message through bulleted points can be an effective way of making the article or blog popular and widely read.

Good quality content is absolutely necessary if the page has to gain popularity. The days of link building and keyword stuffing are over. It is now the skill of the writer that determines the rank of a page. As far as website copywriting is concerned, it would not be an exaggeration to state that quality content is now the backbone of the pages. Keeping in mind the steady development in the SEO technology, it can be said that pages that fail to abide by these points would certainly be excluded from the search results of premier search engines like Google. After a careful assessment of all content in all pages, Google ranks the pages accordingly and so you can expect pages with bad content to be ranked last.

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