January 29 2011

How to become a good copywriter

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Website copywriting may appear to be a very interesting job to do but when you try a hand on it, you are likely to feel the complexity and the challenge writing out a copy involves. Copywriting significantly differs from article or blog writing as you cannot show an overflow of powerful writing. You have to sum up the message within a few lines and your creativity must combine with precision.

Remember the ‘Hari Sadu’ ad of Naukri.com and see how articulate the ad was to convey the message that employees hardly leave bad jobs–they leave bad bosses. The vigor of your ad consists in the conceptualization. You have to pair the verbal expression with situation and other props around the sets—if it is a visual ad you are working on. When you are ready to pride on your genius, we will also acknowledge the return of worn-out years. But to get started, you can develop certain skills to have expertise on verbal expression.

Learn your words: A few words are all that you need to get the small write-up. Therefore you have to have a good grasp over vocabulary so that the right expression pops-out of your head at the right moment. For instance, you are writing an ad for a car and striving to glorify its steering. Fingers are running across the scalp, the floor is strewn with paper bits. And you end up writing ‘get your hands on the steering and you are in thee sky’. A great flight indeed but not impressive! Try this ‘the steering is sure to give a road feel’. See, how banal it is and you are making business on earth. Use words that express.

Read a lot: Your expertise over language will help you to certain extent. It will provide the base for honing. But you must learn a little history, a bit of popular culture. Consumers like to relate an ad to something not explicit in the ad. Let your copy instigate viewers’ imagination.

Exploit emotions: You have to admit you are a professional and draw the consumer’s attention by any means. If you have been assigned the task of writing a copy for a cosmetic, you have to play with the emotion women folk feel towards this ancient faking mechanism. You must know that they want to be persuaded they have faces that drive artists to paint so many bad portraits of them. Don’t use the names of chemical ingredients of the product. Focus on the miracle women indulge in.

Use your experience: Take up things from your daily life. Every moment your life takes different shapes and gets different experience. You have got the habit of thinking about the weird little cries of a friend, the vacant look of your distant cousin, or the swaggering of your old nanny. These are useful material to you if you get it right.

This is an era of digital advertising and it has gone a sea change. Even if you are writing an ad to be printed, you have to show your creativity that people may scratch and smell the thing on the paper. That is why your copy writing should conform to the present trend and practice.

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