September 30 2013

How To Bring Visitors To Your Archived Posts

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Blogs are very popular among web users as they provide plethora of information free of cost. There are specialized blogs for almost any topic you can think of and everyday, thousands of readers go through them. While blogs are a great source of information, they show posts in a chronological format. That means only the latest posts are shown on the homepage and older posts get a place in the archive. Quality blog post writing takes quite some time and it’s sad that even though some of the articles are exceptionally helpful, as soon as they are stored in the archive, people forget about them. Bloggers often regret this chronological nature of posting and hope to find a way to lure readers back to the articles they had written months or, maybe, years ago.

Well, if you have a blog and rue the fact that people are not reading the old posts anymore, here are some article recycling tips for you.

Interlink your articles: This is a great idea to bring readers to your old posts. Suppose, you are writing an article on logo design and in it, you mention somewhere that you have already written an article on “symbols in logo design”, and provide a link to that article so that visitors can check it to get more information.

Update the old posts: Before you link the new article with the old one, make sure the past article is informative and does not contain any error. You may have written something several months ago that was applicable back then, but now, things have changed. In such cases, you need to edit the old article and make it up-to-date. For example, before the release of Jelly Bean OS, Flash content was playable on Android devices, but now, it’s not possible. If your article was on “The usability of Flash”, you must change the data.

Start tweeting: You can tweet your past articles to bring back traffic. Make the process random and tweet on topics of current interest. For example, SEO updates like Panda and Penguin is putting pressure on blog post writing professionals to provide quality content to avoid Google’s punishment. Thus, you can tweet a post where you shared tips on “how to write a good, informative article.” You can either do it manually or use a plug-in like “tweetily” to automate the process.

Utilize internal traffic plug-ins: This type of plug-ins show the older posts that are related to a new post, just below the new post. For example, if you are writing an article on “website design tips”, the plug-in will show “SEO friendly website design”, “how to use colors in website design” or some other related topic just below the conclusion to drive readers to the archive.

Write a round up post: This is a great way to recycle older posts and generate interest among visitors. You can compile the 10 best blogs posts of the past 3 months in a new write up, write a brief summary for each and provide the link for all 10 articles so that people can read them in detail.

Blog posts are like a pack of cards. If you are investing so much time on unique blog post writing, it’s justified to spend some more time to reshuffle them from time to time. After all, old is gold and some of the old posts may actually help a new reader get answers for this queries.

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