September 23 2013

How to Enrich Your Site’s Content When There’s Not Much to Write

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It is not rare to hear a negative reply when you ask a content writing professional to make a page more interesting. And this negative reply mostly is “But I do not have anything to write on.” People who do not write cannot understand the problem, but making a write-up interesting and reaching a certain word count can actually be an issue when there isn’t much to write about.

Here are a few tips on how one can come up with material, and present them perfectly to get the best SEO advantage as well:

FAQ or Q & A Sections

This may seem like a cop out, but you can actually get many potential clients and customers with questions for your products and services. And answering these questions can get instant content. All you would be required to do is place a simple form on your site and invite people to send in their queries. Once you start getting queries, you may ask your content writing professional to post blogs and articles on them. This way, your site not only becomes interesting but content-rich as well.
However, you should not think that you are giving out information for free. Your potential customers will still come to you, irrespective of how much you elaborate. In fact, your chances of getting chosen will increase with your elaboration. This is because they would possibly be aware of how much task they’d have to get done.

How can you get SEO advantage from this Q & A section?

  • By linking your answers to relevant pages on your site. You can also link one answer with another.
  • By checking the phrasing of the question to ensure it uses the most common phrases. If you see that it doesn’t, you should edit it.
  • By occasionally doing a Q & A round-up, that is  an article, blog or page that enlists all the questions that are relevant to a topic.

Post specifications
If you are selling a product, you may post particulars on the product in HTML format. You can then create links to these particulars from relevant product pages. This way, you can cater to people who want to learn more about your products.

How can you get SEO advantage from posting specifications?

  • Getting the specifications done in HTML format! PDF may be tempting but it does not give you control over title tag, and in and outbound links. If you still want to use PDF, you may link to a ‘printable’ version of the PDF.
  • Rewriting a paragraph text if you are using the manufacturer’s standard specification sheet. This way, you can keep the page unique to its best potential.

Transcribe Podcasts and Videos
This can be a very good idea for perking up your site with content. Once you get the podcasts and videos transcribed, you can post them on your site as articles or the same page as the podcast or video in question. This is like writing without actually having to write.

How can you get SEO advantage from transcribing podcasts and videos?

  • By placing the transcriptions on the same page, thereby improving the rank of the video in search engines.
  • By editing the transcriptions for enhancing their readability as spoken words are often punctuated with slang and incomplete sentences.
  • By linking like with like.

With these three tips, you can chalk out how to instruct your content writing professional and make the best business out of your site.

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