October 10 2011

How to gauge upon the best content writing company

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A content writing company was never in such limelight as it is in the Internet era. Earlier when freelance content writing was meant for print only, wannabe writers had really little scope to hone their skill, sand the rough edges and draw appreciation for good copies along with fast money. But today when online business is the only feasible alternative for a start up with shoestring budget, content writing as an industry has emerged and is in upswing. But it has also paralyzed a layman looking for dependable content writing services because there are so many of them, some promising miracle for a business.

Had content writing been only about stuffing the websites with information relevant to the users, it could be different. But you get online visibility by the virtue of your content, and this why it is pretty tough to find out the best content writing company India or abroad.

Surely writing is not a cakewalk to be tried and tested by anyone knowing a tongue. The writer must have a certain degree of expertise over the language. There are hundreds of organizations offering premium services.

Don’t believe those who say they can make your site’s visitor count skyrocket by 300 percent in just three days. When you sign such outspoken content writers, you site will welcome probably 1 visitor on the first day when you put up the content. And after three days, you might get 4 visitors. Voila! 300 percent!

Here is how you should select your content writing company instead:

Observe their communication jargon

In the process of communication, you might find out that some freelancing companies say that your site will get a tremendous boost by their content writing services and bring thousands of visitors everyday. This is complete muck. Content alone can’t do that alone. There are a lot of optimization processes as well as link building techniques necessary to take your website up the search engine ladder. You must outsource the job to a company that explains it all to you and give you suggestions about how you can better your site’s profile by combining content and other SEO elements.

Read company blogs

Almost each of the content writing company in India has its own blog page. You can delve into this section to find out how much professional and competent the company is to provide dedicated content writing. When you need web content, you must take time to research if they qualify as web content writers. Reading the blog will enable you to measure their technical knowledge.

Scrutinize its service pages

Though you have hardly any patience to go through a service page, you must do it to properly utilize your hard-earned money. A piece of content must be informative, properly built around a topic, should be interesting and has to be professional. You can check out for these traits in a service page and then take your decision.

Turn up the portfolio

Companies in their ad copies love to say they have a global clientele but a portfolio will give you the real picture. You can find out the clients and then track them and request for recommendation, if they say they have benefited from the services. And if a content writing service provider has no portfolio section on the site, pass it.

Enquire their industry exposure

It is imperative for you to research a little in your own. Just shuffle online to find out the latest trends among content writers and webmasters as well as current SEO standards and take note of them. Before you hire a company, have a close discussion with the writers and try to see if they are really aware of changing trend in content writing. You must also check if they really know how content works for SEO, for say. Their technical knowledge must be scrutinized.

But you must also identify your specifications before requesting an organization for web content writing only. Otherwise opting for packages will be more meaningful.

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