July 15 2014

How to Generate High Leads with Engaging Web Content

Are you worried about your website because it’s not getting the right amount of visitors? Are you upset about your email list as not increasing at a rapid rate? Does the scanty number of comments on your website scare the hell out of you? Do not panic, I will not ask any more questions. I will try my best to come up with solutions to all of your problems so that you are all smiles!
If your business has a strong online presence and you are hell-bent to get high leads for an impressive conversion, it is time to contemplate over quality content. How much you importance you give on web content writing has a strong impact on lead generation.
If you have been getting low leads for a while, a reason may be the absence of valuable content in your business website. This is something you may have been neglecting for a while. Nevertheless, what is done is past and forgotten. Everyday comes with a new hope. Now, you must pay attention to generate maximum number of leads through informative and promotional web content. And regarding how you can do so, I’ll definitely guide you in the right direction.

How to Generate Leads with the Help of First-Class Content

Quality content for lead generation consists of a bevy of features. So, prioritise them for success:
An Enticing Title – This ensures the first click. A title forms the external appearance of the body content. If it sounds interesting to readers, they will most probably click to start reading the article. If it is not, you know what will happen! The headline must evoke curiosity.
Recently, I came across two articles on same topic. One is titled ‘A Guide to become a Web Content Writer’ and another ’10 Commandments for a Successful Web Content Writing Career’. Now, both of them are very much relevant to the topic. But, the first one falls flat in arousing interest. On the other hand, the second title is something that pushed me to click and read the piece.
Promotional but not Instructive – How effectively you promote your brand through the content is essential. In other words, you have to put in your best efforts to showcase your brand in the right manner. This will subsequently convince the readers to get in touch with your company. A properly persuasive approach is welcome. I added ‘properly’ since many tend to become instructive while being convincing. It is necessary that articles must be crafted to draw potential customers. But, being didactic certainly does not bring forth optimistic results for building brand awareness.
So, promote your brand, be influential and stay away from becoming preachy.
Use of Striking Subheads for an Engaging Read – You want to emphasise a lot about your brand and at the same time, you are worried about the fact that most people ignore long pieces. Yes, people generally prefer reading short and concise articles on the web. Do not worry as there are tips and tricks for making a long article gripping. One of them is breaking the content in small paragraphs with subtitles.
The subtitles must be excellent or else, the reader may leave your piece halfway. Maintain a harmonious blend of formal and casual writing style and use simple and easy-to-read words.
Web content writing adheres to these points vehemently.
Focus on One Subject Matter (not a jumble of too many themes) – A forceful juxtaposition of more than one idea makes content messy and incoherent. This way you may end up confusing your future clients. So, it is convenient to stick to one idea at a time. For example, if you are writing a ‘how-to’ post, make sure it deals with that completely.
A note – How-to posts portray your brand helpful.
Facts and Testimonials – Your established customers have availed your products or services. They are aware of the value of your brand. How do your potential customers be convinced about the value of your products or services?
The mention of facts and figures as well as your accolades and testimonials speaks for your brand value. These boost up your confidence and visitors can identify your company as reliable and trustworthy.
Relevant Topics Linked within the Article – It is extremely helpful to link relevant topics in an article pretty much related to it. Read on to know why.
Many businesses focus on a variety of products or services. Naturally their website comprises a whole lot of information about each service and product. What happens commonly is that often a visitor tends to miss out on other topics. This means they do not check the entire website most of the times after they have finished going through a specific content. Gradually, they enquire about those matters elsewhere. This is a big loss for businesses that are involved in multiple niches.
If you are one of them, you will certainly want your targeted audience know about all of your offerings. So, can you overlook this factor?
Calls to Action – You want your website content to spread brand recognition. In short, you want to suggest your website visitors to connect with you. A call to action just beneath your content can motivate users to get in touch with you. This is a gesture from a service provider to check the interest levels of customers and gain feedback from them. Which call to action feature you wish to employ depends on your business. You may urge visitors to post their comments, share their views or enquire about your service or product via phone or email.
A lead creates a glimpse of hope for a successful conversion. Web content writing has proved to be a strong weapon for generating good leads. If you succeed to use the weapon in the right way, you are a winner. The points mentioned above are the tried and tested tricks of the trade. You may utilise them for good prospects and high profits.
One more thing I will do and that is to convey my best wishes for the success of your business. All the best!

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