February 12 2011

How to give another last touch to your copy

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You have jot down a superb blog on a topic you have a sound knowledge of. You are at odd with the friend who says, “Well! The writing is not bad”. Bury the write-up in your cupboard for a few days. Then get it out and go through it. It is like discovering the blemishes of your spouse post marriage. ‘The writing is imperfect’.

No need to knock your head against the wall as such. When you are creating a blog or content for any purpose, you are a busy-bee focused on how you can get your concept over the page while maintaining a commendable language standard, and incorporating subtle effects which you think will spice up the thing for the reader. But there is always a scope for further improvement, no matter how much you champion your copy. Below are some guides on how you can locate the loop holes and give a finer polish to the write up.

Make your content speak for itself: Have you ever considered that literally every idea will sell, even if it appears meaningless to you. It is all about presentation and how you can project a simple nothing in way that the target audience appreciates it. It must sound real.

If you go through most of the corporate blogs all your love for reading will die on the spot because of the hackneyed jargon used in them.

Instead of depending on an overtly formal style, you must try to give a personality to the copywriting. See, if the content has a flow in language, examine whether the heading captures readers’ attention, and there is a consistent line of argument in the whole. A reader will build trust on a brand because of the virtue of the content’s sheer readability.

Sleep over the draft: Don’t take literally. As said earlier, once you have done up with the stuff after an hours-long labor, you have pontificated your views, shown your panache, got on the pinnacle of glory (obviously self-assigned). But there are chances that the reader will not like the piece in the least, perhaps.

Go for a small hibernation and let the copy bid the night alone. If you go through your craft the next morning you will realize that you are not the same person you used to be. You will get new insight into your writing with the daybreak and find a number of unguarded follies in the write-up and feel like editing. After the edit, the copy will be a little better than its nightly version.

Get a friend to read it aloud: You may be in love with the idea to tease the reader with your diversion in language. To that purpose, you have landed some vocabulary on the content to strike the reader the head. You think it’s a boho touch you have managed, but in reality it can madden the reader and make your blog a complete trash.

If you get a friend to read it, its phonetics elements will be clear to you. You will find out the words that have a bass sound and may suck readers’ enthusiasm and soak their spirit. You will be able to include necessary changes then.

Consider a sentence stretch: You don’t earn a bad name for the death of a reader who runs out of breath. Make sure that the sentences you have created are crisp and express the meaning succinctly. Forging marathon sentence by using clauses or parentheses is not a commendable virtue. If you are writing for the US audience, then take it to your blood to offer sentences that are small and easy-moving.

If these simple requirements are properly addressed your content will amuse the reader and do the job that precedes amusement.

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