March 24 2011

How To Keep Distractions At Bay While Writing A Content

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Usual as it is, distractions come thick and fast when you are at writing and you have learnt how to live your life with these nagging and stifling distractions that block your creative juice, lead you to nowhere and some time, drive you mad as you simply cannot concentrate. But if you do not wish to continue your life as Mr. Nice, we fear you need to find out a way to bid adieu to those distractions that have direct impact on the quality of your content writing. Here in this article, we are going to share some awesome tips that can help you tide past some common distractions.

Block Twitter: I don’t nurse any particular grudge against this much popular micro blogging site but as truth has it, it does have a direct impact on your concentration level. You simply get tempted to check the tweets of others while writing something important and that means, you are shifting your attention from the writing. Just block it.

Stop Checking Email: This is another thing that we are habituated with. Do not leave your desk every five minutes to check your inbox in your smartphone. Try to draw a line between important messages and not so important messages. We hope this will work.

Browsing Images: You are destined to browse through some blogs to get some inspiration but that does not mean you will waste your time pouring over some images. This is a common distraction and as we know, it is hard to overcome.

Block Facebook: You are a Facebook lover and so we are. But wait you are a writer and it is your moral responsibility to shun FACEBOOK as far as possible. You need to practice self restrain. Without meaning to propagate you, we just want you give Facebook account a goodbye kiss while entering your office premises. This will certainly have positive effects on your writing.

These are some of the common distractions that creep in when you try your level best to concentrate. Now, if you are a chain smoker or have a fetish for sports, regular checking of score can have a disastrous effect on your writing style. It is really hard to overcome them but if you can manage to master the courage you will be the winner at the end of the day.

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