April 21 2011

How To Keep Exhaustion At Bay While In Office

Just throwing away your iPod, screaming at your co worker or shouting at your senior would not make any difference. You feel screwed up, you do not have any pent up positive vibe left anymore and you have a strong feeling that your creativity is going down to the drain. You feel the urge to shut down the computer for once and all. No, you would not have to take that drastic measure anymore. Here, we are going to share some cool tips that can help you quell the urge of committing a blunder.

Exercise: Do not beat your head against the table; it would not help you eke out words anyway. Rather you should leave your desk for a moment or two, and do you share your bending and stretching. Though it may not prove that much of help, you can at least have an excuse to give your screwed up a brain few second of relief.

Take A Power Nap: Yes, this is what exactly you want when you are out of your wits completely. This is a better option that getting yourself lost in a reverie. It may give you a peace of mind but it does not relieve from the pressure and fill you up with creative energy to overcome the workplace exhaustion.

Watch Video: Now, you have thrown away the iPod, you have no other option to entertain yourself than watching some really interesting stuffs on Youtube. No pun intended. But do not get yourself struck at there for all day long because if you get caught, you might find it hard to provide a satisfactory explanation.

Enter The Kitchen: You pump some energy up by making this or that dish by entering the unfrequented, male-forbidden and female dominated area of your home – Kitchen in simple English. If you are too angry, just add as much spice in the dish as you wish and see how the it turns out.

A Surprise Pack: Now this is an effective option but there is a catch to it. You can not do it yourself for sure. Don’t you feel great when someone makes you jump out of your skin and makes you rolling down the aisle, when you find out the prank? This is a brilliant stress buster and you should not give this a miss if you are to overcome the workplace blue.

Endurance: Practice non violence in the workplace when you feel that you are completely freaked out. Try to find out a way to get yourself charged up but there is a small problem, it is you who have to find out how to do it.

Good luck.

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