February 22 2011

How To Make Your Readers Love Your Article

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Writing an article does not involve only putting certain thoughts on a page the way you like. Though every reader has his own tastes, certain requirements are always there that makes a reader go through a text. Reader’s psychology plays a great role in determining what kind of stuff he likes. It is for this reason that article writing should be more systematic and scientific. Moreover, it is also very important to consider what purposes your article has. On the basis on these factors, your article should have a systematic approach.

It is due to the proper systematic approach that some articles on internet tend to have a surge of traffic while others don’t. Catchy headlines and good language skills obviously do have positive impacts on the reader. But there are technicalities in an article writing to which readers respond more psychologically. Let’s have brief analysis of these aspects.

Readers care to read an article that gives them some sense of empowerment in the way of knowledge and skills. This empowerment should be followed by guidance on how to adapt these skills e.g. the steps and warning about where the readers can find difficulties in the process.

Empowerment: An article acts like a magic potion as it tells the reader something that he did not know before or teach him a new skill that makes a little change in his life. They are grateful only about those articles that offer them something, which they need. They read an article to learn one thing or the other. Your article writing will make sense to a reader only when they read it and walk away with something meaningful to them.

Learning steps: If you look for an article on a popular topic such as SEO or web design, you will be virtually bombarded with the knowledge. But in reality they mean little. They will offer you some tips, which are arranged in ordinals. If you go through one of them, you are likely to have the feeling that the various sub-heads take you to different direction. Ideally there should be a proper guidance on how to proceed, e.g. first this, then that.

In case when no such consecutive steps are possible other than forwarding some methods, the sub-heads should be arranged in accordance to their relevancy. That would be meaningful and helpful.

Forewarning: It is obvious that the reader will face certain difficulty when he gives a try to the procedure you have designed. In order that they can employ these rules accurately, your article writing can focus on where they are more likely to have problems. You can also cite some cases in which previous readers had problems.

Once the article you have written gets an initial response, there may be surge of traffic and flood of quote for newsletters. The readers may exhibit a huge attraction by forwarding it to others. If you think closely, you will find that it is the sense of empowerment that leads them to share the knowledge and skills with some of their close allies. Then you can promote your article writing on different formats such as PDFs for greater accessibility.

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