March 15 2011

How to Popularize Your Content, Simple Tips

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All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy—the inversion is deliberate to be sure when it comes to your unsuccessful content writing. You have whined much about the trickling traffic, the lackluster links and the invisibility of comments. But if you have not taken these signs seriously, you are just the fiddling Jack and you deserve to be so.

But now the wheel has gone full circle and it is time to bring proportion in your thought and work. Pull up your socks and do some hard work if you want your traffic to snowball. Introspect for a while and admit that reader response is unpredictable and essentially different from that of you and your close ones. So you can decipher the quality (if it has) of your blog.

Then what’s to do?

My suggestion: Work on the basis of a few signs that your unsuccessful blog has. It will help you address the problems your content writing at the earliest. Here follows a brief account of the signs and how you can manage them.

Your satisfaction: After the content writing is complete most of the amateur writers try to judge their quality with an arbitrary standard. And needless to say they never award their writing with less than 6 or 7 if they have 10 in their hands. But one of the limitations of such authoritative value-judging is that a content is either palatable or it creates nausea. No place in between. In such case 6 grade equals to 1 grade. Instead of publishing it try to improve it until you feel like giving it the full marks.

Journal-like post: In the good old days people used to maintain their blogs in a way as if it were a journal and used to took out a few minutes out of their chores every day to put down their thought. But such trends are now gone with the wind. Today blog needs to have very polished presentation that attracts the general users. So, if your content writing for the blog reads more like a journal post, scrap it and reshape.

Comments: If you find that you have 100s of subscribers but still your content writing is not getting comments, then take the sign as a premonition. The reason behind the lack of comment is that the user community does not think the content readable and pleasant.

Average time visitors spend: Perhaps you don’t know that Google has offered a free tool for tracking the time visitors spend on your page. Install Google Analytics and with it you will be able to know if the readers feeling attracted to your content writing. ideally, if you want a sufficient traffic to your site, the visitors should spend at least two minutes on the site. Improve your content quality accordingly.

Fan mails: If your content writing has a compelling character that will make readers goes an extra mile to send a mail telling you that you are a messiah to them. In Internet community is generally very generous in this matter. They unhesitatingly give you feedback. If your content is good, you will manage at least a few such feedbacks. If you don’t get any, your content needs attention.

You are focused on SEO: Instances are not scanty where some of the neophytes try to make their post SEO friendly and end up making their blogs a hydra-headed keyword-monster. There is no better way than writing a post that gives readers information they seek. SEO comes later.

There are several other problems that make your content doomed to the dust. While some of the problems might be detected from the response you get (or no response you get), others lie in your understanding. So try to detect them and redress to get on.

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