September 02 2013

How can You Use RSS Readers for Boosting Your Content

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There was a big debate over RSS readers in the GPO during March 2013. Now that Google Reader exists no more, an alternative RSS reader has become a necessity. And you have several options in front of you. Apps like Feedly, Flipboard, NetVibes, Fever, Bloglines, TheOldReader, RSSOwl, Managing News, Comma Feed etc. can be used as Google Reader alternatives by a content writer. Besides, Digg has also come up with a new reader.

Among the various options stated above, you can go for Feedly as it is, presently, the most widely used Google Reader alternative. Its simple gray and green interface is easy to navigate and is of great help for content creation. Feedly even allows you to transfer your Google Reader feeds, helping you not lose your feeds with just a switch. With it, you have multiple viewing options like ‘Title Only View’, ‘Cards View’, ‘Magazine View’ and ‘Full Article’ view. This way, you can browse efficiently, irrespective of the browser you use.

Here’s how you can efficiently use feedly while generating content:

Catch up with industry news

Content that is current and relevant is likely to draw more traffic. Being the first person to comment on a news article affords you great credibility. It can be beneficial if you get yourself subscribed to the feeds that are related to your niche. This way, you can collect news from several sources and also comment on any news you want.

Keep Up with Your Competitors

With Feedly, a content writer can keep track of the feeds of his or her competitors and find out what kind of content they are generating and produce write-ups accordingly. This way, you can know if you need to be more detailed about an issue or approach a popular issue in a fresh way or what are the topics that are selling like hot cakes in present times.

Get your feeds organized

Feedly can be very helpful in creating subfolders, thereby allowing you to organize your feeds in a better manner. You can thus classify your sources according to subject, article-kind and sub-feeds, instead of going through a cluster of updates and articles every time. The lesser time you need to sort things out, the quicker you are able to come up with write-ups.

Get the mobile version

Instead of getting bored in a queue, you can bring up Feedly and go through the current news. The mobile app of Feedly is extremely user-friendly that allows you to skim write-ups quickly as well as switch between folders with less navigation.

Check regularly

Checking regularly helps you prevent article-amassing. Simply skimming the headlines of a day on your way to work is enough to pile up articles that need to be sorted each time you log in.
So, if you are a content writer and have subscribed on Google Reader, you can easily move on to some other alternative, with Feedly being the most recommended one.

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