October 31 2011

Looking for a content writing job? How to prepare yourself for the interview in a content writing company

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Content writing
can be a lucrative career option for many. If you have a knack for writing; if you love to explore new things, if you have a strong marketing sense then any content writing company would be happy to have you in the team.

But to be eligible for the position you have to prepare yourself so that you can crack the interview; you have to make yourself ready for the industry. Here are some tips that would help you pass the interview easily and get your dream job in a content writing company.

Are you a fresher or you have experience in content writing?


The way a fresher prepares himself for the interview is significantly different from that of an experienced writer. Let’s see what a content writing company expects from a fresher and from a writer who has few years of experience. This would help you understand how to prepare yourself for the interview.


Content writing interview tips for a fresh graduate:


A lot of fresh graduates are applying for jobs in content writing because the grass looks greener there. Everything is going online; from plumbers to jewelers, fashion houses, celebrities and politicians – everybody has websites now and everybody is trying to promote their services or their products online. Hence there will be a huge demand of good writers in future. Hence, a lot of fresh graduates are trying to get a job in content writing sector.


As a fresher you have to show to your prospective employer that you have these qualities:


  1. You can write grammatically correct English
  2. You are familiar with American, British or Australian writing styles
  3. You can read, understand and then write on any topic


As a fresh graduate you might not be familiar with different forms of content writing services such as SEO content writing, corporate blogging, article writing etc. But you must convince your employers that you area fast learner.


Before appearing for the interview you can search about the topic ‘content writing’ on the internet to know about the latest trends. You can actually impress your employers by showing them that you have tried to understand the process yourself. As you are a fresher, the employers would try to find your passion and interest in writing and exploring new things.


Content writing interview tips for an experienced writer


Since you have been working for a content writing company for past few years prospective employers would try to judge your abilities based on different parameters. They would ask you for sample write-ups and references first of all. Even if they have not mentioned it, you should carry your writing samples and references as well so that you can prove that it’s you who wrote the articles. You can carry soft copy or hard copy of the sample.


To impress your employers, you should search about the company and check what kind of content writing services they offer. Once you know in which area the company works, you can easily show them how helpful you can be for them. Apart from common HR questions, prepare yourself for some industry-specific questions and grab the opportunity!

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