August 10 2012

Some Must – Have List of Books for an Aspiring Content Writer

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Do you aspire to become a content writer yet are worried about the fact that you do not have much knowledge about writing? There is no need to fret because there’s always a first time for everything. However, that does not mean you should not prepare yourself adequately for the job ahead. One sure-shot method of improving your writing skills is by reading lots of books. There cannot be any substitute to reading. All great writers vouch for it.

Talking about books, there are some which can guide you in your path by sharing some useful tips for good writing. Let us have a look at them:

content writing bookZen in the Art of Writing: It is a book penned by Ray Bradbury which was published in the year 1990. It is primarily a collection of essays where the author speaks about his deep love for writing. He talks about the emotions that need to be involved in the process. He also stresses on the importance of considering it as a hobby rather than work. You can get a lot of inspiration from this book and also learn how to view the whole activity as fun.

Weekly Writes: This is a highly interesting book which started off as a spin-off of an email course that was quite popular at the time books for content writingand was taken by many writers throughout the world. It consists of 52 weeks of challenging writing prompts that can go a long way in helping you master the skill. It is intended to help not only beginners but also seasoned writers who need to brush up their skills or rediscover the joy involved in the process. An professional content writer ought to have this book on his shelf.

The Elements of Style: It is written by E.B. White and William Strunk, Jr. and is considered to be a benchmark for content writing stylelearning the rules of composition and principles of usage in English. The fact that it has been listed by Time magazine as one of the hundred most influential English books written since 1923 speaks a lot about its worth and credibility. If you study the book carefully and internalize its content, you can never go wrong with grammar, punctuation and other important aspects of writing.

Reading like a Writer: Francine Prose is the author of this book where he shares how he had developed the craft through readingprofessional content writing book and writing. She takes a lot of examples and illustrations from literature in order to show the art of mastering fictional elements like dialogue and character. You can learn a lot about the philosophy as well as the technicalities of writing and move a inch closer towards being a good writer.

On Writing: Though it is primarily an autobiography of the author Stephen King, it contains enough tips for an aspiring writer expecting to excel in the craft. It talks about the basic tools that a writer must be equipped with in order to achieve success in this field.

These five books can act as the perfect source of inspiration for you to get you going. So what are you waiting for? Get hold of these books and keep the pen handy with you.

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