March 11 2011

Little Known Traits Of Successful Bloggers

Writing is a skill; impressive writing an art. Becoming a successful blogger is not about knowing too many bombastic words and using them indiscreetly in your content writing. Instead, it is the simple writing with right choice of easily comprehensible words that stands impressive to any general reader.

One of the most evident reasons for the failure of most of the writers to create any substantial impact despite having a strong theme to communicate is their disengaging style and presentation. Many writers seem to be ardent in following all the rules of grammar, parts of speech and other language technicalities while writing their piece. This tends to steal away the spontaneity of the writing leaving it a mere piece of manual jottings. We bring you some tips to help you develop a natural and effective style of blog writing.

Use the conversational tone: You can make your readers engrossed in your writing only if you address them in a direct, conversational tone. Always use active voice and let your writing speak to your readers as if you are having face to face talk with them. Your article writing should serve as the mirror of your personality. Informal and less structured style often gains more readers than the one crowded with too many information.

Be flexible with grammar usage: This may sound little odd to you at the first outset but this is a tool that can help you in creating a long lasting impression. There is no denial that grammar and syntax plays pivotal role in writing context. But if your ardent following of these rules hinder the flow of your writing, then we suggest you to sideline the grammar to some permissible extent. Blogging is more about expressing personal opinion and hence you can afford to be flexible with the grammar usage though not at all points.

Though you can sometimes be discretionary with your grammar usage that does not connote your absolute isolation from it. If you do that, you may end up being the only reader of your blog.

Introduce verbal fillers: Verbal fillers like um, hmmm and ah are the seasonings that can change the entire look and appeal of your writing. Though these fillers may not justify the norms of verbal perfections, yet these seek to lend that finishing touch without which your writing lies handicapped. You readers can immediately connect with you when they find the fillers in your writing and get the feeling of having personal interaction with you.

Make your presence evident: It is true that specific business or technical blogs cannot have the informal tone running throughout. But even in these types, you can make your presence evident. Let your blog candidly reflect your personal opinion though may not be in informal tone in every occasion.

Always proofread before posting: This is highly important no matter how efficient writer you are. Though you may be a well recognized writer, but any such mistake can do enough harm in damaging your reputation. Minor mistakes in terms of spelling, punctuation, grammar or any other type may creep into your writing unconsciously. Check if any of your sentences is too big and screams for a break. Double check your copy to ensure an absolutely error free piece that will add to the favorite list of your readers. Double check your article before publishing.

Remember it is you who needs the readers and not the vice versa. You win them only if you address them in the right spirit with no conscious or unconscious attempt of misguiding. Readers are your assets and you cannot afford to lose them at any cost. So, write consistently and write well to secure a place among your readers.

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