February 09 2015

Some Content Writing Tips to Make Your Content More Shareable

Good content is said to be the backbone of a website. It is the surest route to success for an online business. In SEO marketing content is regarded as the undisputed king. A good site is distinguished from the rest because of its top quality content. High quality content is able to engage more customer attention. Content marketing relies chiefly on quality; as sharing over social media, networks and channels, and other current trends has become quite common. High quality content undoubtedly, grabs instant visitor attention and generates potential customers for a specific site. Content writing is said to play a pivotal role in the conversion rate of any website. High quality content can be created by professional writers only. If you hire the efficient services of a reputed web content writing company such as Content Writing India, you could rest assured about high quality content. After talking to a number of famous content writers I have come up with some brilliant suggestions for effective content writing that boosts sharing.

Write with Clarity

Emphasize on clarity of content. Write in a manner that is easily understood by your readers. One of your greatest drawbacks could be writing without clarity. Content writers tend to obfuscate when they are not sure of the answers themselves. Sometimes, bombastic words are deliberately used to cover up incompetence and lack of understanding. Avoid using jargons or words and ideas that are not easily understood. A content writer’s job is to make sure that people are able to clearly understand the content.

Having a Clear-cut Purpose Helps

You should be able to specify the exact purpose of your blog. Avoid clutter. The visitors should have a specific reason to visit your blog. Be specific, know your purpose and stick to it. Is your blog about innovative technology or is it about food porn or Steampunk resurgence? Be precise. Do not try your hands on many things at a time. Concentrate on one particular thing and do it with complete dedication. Once you know your purpose write content accordingly.

Simplicity Appeals More

Experts in a reputed content writing company insist that if you want the content to be shared extensively, be simple in your approach. One of the major mistakes made by some content writers is unnecessarily complicating the topic. Write blog posts that are authentic and easily understood. Simple conversational articles attract more visitors. In case you are composing a white paper, you could try and simplify complex subjects. This way, your readers would be able to comprehend the issues and use it as a guide. It would be recommended as a resource.

Come Up with Catchy Post Titles and Headlines

Web users are often distracted and they generally tend to have very short attention spans. You need to grab instant attention by using appealing post titles or headlines. Your title should be compact and precise. It should reflect the theme and intention of the post in as lesser number of words as possible. Write headlines that work. How to find out what really works? You need to assess your analytics and observe social shares. The headlines attract visitor attention. Headlines are often, the actual reason behind a post being shared. People have a tendency to share posts looking at the headlines without even reading the post. You can compose better headlines using a free headline analyzer. Use types of headlines that get maximum social shares, highest search engine ranking and attract most traffic. Use perfect word balance and character length.

Be Prompt

When you are writing reports and reviews you need to follow timelines. You need to do prompt reporting of an incident taking place. Only timely blogs attract more visitors, secure backlinks and earn highest search rankings.

Go About Predicting New Trends

By forecasting new trends, a message is sent to the audience that you are way ahead of the rest. You would get many shares as your audience would like to project themselves as trend setters. They would try to be one up by sharing early information.

Create Visually Attractive Content

Make your content visually appealing by splitting text into short paragraphs with bold headings and subheadings. Use images and infographics wisely to make dense information more interesting and palatable. That way there will be more shares as more people would relate to the images and understand better. Use images cleverly and do not overdo. Overuse of non-text objects, stats, and images may result in clutter. Use images to add a new dimension to your text. No point using repetitive images that convey what the text has already explained. Visually attractive content gets far more shares.

Having Clear CTA Works

If you are aspiring for more shares, this is by far the fastest and the most effective way of boosting shares. At the end of your blog post simply add if you liked the post then why don’t you share it with your favorite people? It is always good to give people a nudge. That would drive them into sharing.

Using Topic Generator Tools Help

You now have access to several tools that may be used for generating content ideas. Browsing through the questions asked by people on Quora also, helps in generating new ideas for your content.

Use Shareable Assets

You may start by inserting images that readers can pin or use graphs that can be embedded into their content. You may insert click to tweet to enable the readers to share your content easily.

Consider Content’s Shelf Life

Use a clever mix of evergreen content and trending content to offer a mixed platter. Evergreen content is best for carrying on with your strategy. Trending content is for instant popularity and increased shares.

Track Audience’s Motivation

Observe what people tend to share on social media. Think about the reason behind their sharing a particular post. Use these as clues for analyzing what motivates your target audience into sharing. Once you know exactly what your readers expect from you, compose a content that motivates your audience to share.

Pack Old Content with More Information

Most of the online content is on subjects that have been written and rewritten several times. There is a dearth of originality. You can make up for that by making your article more information specific and precise. Give a whole new dimension to the existing idea by using smart tips and latest statistics. Adopt a holistic approach while writing. Hire a premium content writing company such as Content Writing India who has a great team of writers. They have the experience and the skill to write high quality content and diverse articles that help you get a higher SEO ranking.

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