August 02 2011

Multi-Page Content – Pros and Cons

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This is something you have to decide wisely. If you are going to write a research paper, or trying to get it written by a content writing company you have to decide how you would like to present it. Whether it will be on the same page or you will keep a certain number of words on each page and create multiple pages with proper pagination below?

You have to consider few factors before deciding whether to go with a single page article or create pagination.

1] If you create multiple pages, you will have more than one new page on your website. These pages will be interlinked and will have unique content. You can ask your content writing company that you will be presenting the content using multiple pages; they will make sure that continuity is maintained properly.

2] If the article is too lengthy, it is wise to break it otherwise the page might take too much time to load which is not good from search engine’s point of view.

3] Your users may not find it useful – a lot of people complain about ‘Read More’ or ‘Next Page’ options available on the websites and in various apps. You have to ensure that the pagination is done in a very user friendly way. A professional company that provides content writing services can help you cluster the content in such a way that it makes sense when each cluster is put in separate pages.

4] It is often said that no information should be more than 3-clicks away from the home page. By creating pagination you might compel the user to click several times in order to find what they need actually. You have to give it a thought.

5] Decide the best structure that is suitable for your content. If you are hiring content writing services to create an article that contains lists, let’s put it on one single page. If the content is something like ‘Top 50 places to visit in UK’, you might decide to create multiple pages because so many images and videos will reduce the page loading speed.

6] You have to watch it closely. Use analytics to check users’ reaction – if you find that they are bouncing back or the distant pages in the pagination have lesser pageview, you have to re-think about the structure and probably need a one page content.

If you are unable to decide which one would be suitable for your website, talk to a professional content writing company. They would recommend the best format for your website content.

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