September 26 2013

You need not be A ‘Writer’ For SEO Content Writing

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It is said that writing is something that one has to have in one’s blood. But that does not mean that if you do not have it, you cannot come up with write-ups, particularly when you are into SEO content writing. This type of writing does not require you to be an artist but have a set of skills with which you can hold a reader to an article for longer and get the site a good rank in search engines.

Just like arithmetic requires you to practice regularly to be proficient in it, writing too requires regular practice. With regular practice, you can recognize your drawbacks and work on them, thereby improving your writing skills.

You must not ignore the quality of your work as a content writer, because it is ultimately what you say and how you say that determines the productivity of the business you are writing for. Your write-up should be such that it serves the purpose of both the business and the reader/potential buyer.

Here are some useful SEO content writing tips for you so that you can attract more and more people to read the articles and make the site more and more popular in search engines.

Effective planning

Proper planning is absolutely necessary before you begin with your write-ups. Extensive research needs to be done on the topic that you have chosen to write on. Give an appropriate title; get a clear idea about the concept and how you are going to arrange the points to explain it. Proper planning helps you in conjuring up your ideas into an engrossing article. So, do not rush into scribbling, but be patient with planning and organizing.

Attractive titles

If you manage to give a magnetic title to your article, your battle is half won. The reason is simple; it is a title that either persuades or dissuades a person to read on. Your headline should define the article i.e. it should be relevant to the content. You must not promise something in the title that you cannot or do not fulfil in the rest of the write-up. And last but not the least, make sure your title is intriguing and original.

Quality content

You should remember that it is primarily information that a web-user seeks when he or she visits a site. Hence, developing an informative piece of content is a necessity. However, do not make it look like a text book or yellow pages. Instead, try to make it interesting and engaging with humor scattered here and there. However, make sure that your funniness is in keeping with the topic. Instead of writing in flat long paragraphs, try to arrange your content in small paragraphs with sub-headings. This helps readers scan through your write-ups and choose the portions they wish to read.

Use keywords

Keywords are phrases that users use to search for a topic. Determine them and include in your content; otherwise, even a superbly written piece can go unfound in the web. However, keyword stuffing is a no-no.

No plagiarism!

Copying and pasting somebody else’s writing is the worst thing you can do to your content, as it does anything but improve your rank in a search engine. Instead, tell what you want in your own unique way, in your own words.
With these tips, you can surely improve your SEO content writing. Get started now. Best of luck!


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