December 12 2011

Persuading Tips on Content Writing for a Website’s Homepage

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Writing content for a website is a demanding job. Some content writing professionals prepare quality content for a website focused on building a strong presence in the web. Amidst all, writing content for the homepage definitely requires attention as it works to a great extent to arouse the interest of the visitors and persuades them into becoming a potential customer. Writers usually face heavy challenge at compiling content for a home page of a site. As it is the face of a site, the content of the homepage though brief must do its job well.

Let us take a look at some indispensable tips on homepage content writing. These methods, though sometimes neglected, are still widely practiced by content writing services:

A Brief Description of Service

A brief description of your services/product on the homepage is a must. If visitors don’t find anything meaningful on the
homepage, they will leave the site which is no good. If this continues to happen there will be little traffic and no conversion. As website content writing is a methodical approach to the target audience, the writers ensure that the homepage content doesn’t mar the growth of the overall website.

Headline on Homepage brings weight to the site 

A Content writing services company usually designs an attractive headline for the homepage. Just as the visitors come to your site, they take a first look at the headline. It is simply because they know their purpose of visit and so the right headline communicates quickly. Letting people know what your service is all about will surely help you win over competitive sites offering similar products. A catchy headline does compel the visitors to read through the entire site.

An introduction to your headline

SEO Content Writing  is a mind-boggling task and demands lots of attention to its different aspect. When a headline for
a homepage of a website is created, it can’t be left unexplained. As you can’t communicate about all value propositions in just few words, you must write something in conformity with the headline on the homepage. Keep the headline simple if you are offering too many products and write brief paragraphs aiming to expand the headline.

Maintaining a natural flow is one vital aspect of article writing carefully addressed by professional writers. To maintain a natural flow of content on the home page, writers must place the introductory text directly below the headline to help the readers get a clear overview of the purpose of the site. Place the text with same margins and column for immediately catching the reader’s eye. 

Make your visitors comfortable

SEO content writing doesn’t just mean impressing the major search engines. It is equally important to draw the attention of the readers who must feel comfortable after landing on your site. When a first time reader comes to your site, he is quite unsure about your credibility. So your homepage should express that brand reputation in its texts as well as in features.

Talk about your USP in an engaging way and help your visitor trust you by providing them what they have been looking for. This is one major aspect of website content writing which includes an impressive presentation of content on the home page as well as rest of the site pages. Building trust with the tone and righteousness of the headline is a must. Don’t make it a selling page; rather keep it simple and reader friendly.

Get the reader’s attention right away

The scope of website content writing is increasing day-by-day and so there are several websites hiring the customized service for their content need. Remember, you will be knocked out of the market if you don’t present yourself in the correct light. You homepage is a mirror of your superlative services and so must be written and designed in a proper way. Until you draw the attention of the readers on the home page, you cannot persuade them to proceed to the next page in his quest for information.

Some visitors browse through first and second page of a site. If the homepage interests them and isn’t cluttered with unnecessary texts and boasts, then it is obvious that they bring you some business. Use a traditional menu on the homepage leading to other connected pages that demonstrate your service.


Clarity in proposition and lucidity in presentation are two basic aspects of content writing for the home page. If the home page has simple content, it will help attract wider readers and assure them of having landed at the right place. You need not tell “you are finally at the right place”.

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