August 27 2013

A New WordPress Site Owner? Here Are Some Points to Consider

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Given the easy installation process WordPress involves, it can be a great platform for blog writing. WordPress comes with a five-minute installation manual when you download it, which makes the process of installation easy even for someone who is not that technically sound.Once you get it installed, you will find that the Content Management System or CMS has several options of settings and various other features. If you are someone who is new to the field, it is pretty much fair to get confused and overwhelmed to see such a myriad of options.

In this blog, you will get to learn about some of the significant settings of WordPress. However, I won’t be discussing all the options but the important ones that can make or break your blog.

• Set the WWW

Duplicate content is one of the greatest problems that a site can face, and it is not rare to find blogs URLs with copied content. In order to avoid this, you need to go to your input box and type the URL you would like to use. This is where you need to decide whether you would like to settle for’’ or ‘’. Once you have decided, WordPress will be sending you the appropriate URLs so that you do not get caught up in duplicate content penalties.

• Full text or summary?

RSS feeds can be very effective in delivering blog posts directly into someone’s RSS inbox. When someone subscribes to your RSS feed, every post you make is delivered to them at their convenience. Here, you can choose between delivering your blog writing post in full or just a summary of it.
While some post the full content in RSS feed, others like to post only a summary as that draws traffic to the blogging site.

• Welcome comments

Comments affirm that your blogs are being read. It helps you build a rapport with your readers. Without comments, you are just a one-way communicator. This can work only if you are a bigwig, which most new bloggers are not. Receive comments gracefully and answer them. Also try to comment if they post any blog.

• Get optimized for search engine

It does not matter how good you write, you first need to make yourself visible to people; otherwise, your write-up may go unnoticed. So, it is necessary to ensure that you are found and indexed by search engine crawlers.

• Set your URL structure

With WordPress, you can easily control the display and structure of your URLs. You can customize your URLs for the purpose of SEO, as that allows you to work on keywords, post titles, category names etc.
Instead of using date archives for URLs, what you can do is use blog post names. It goes well with keyword optimization. Besides, you can also install plug-ins which allows you to edit your blog post URL.
Try to act wisely when setting up a blog writing site for yourself, as the steps you take while doing it goes a long way in determining the success of your website.



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