March 12 2013

Secrets of Writing an Interesting Press Release

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A press release is a great cost effective medium for business promotion. Since it’s written from a third person viewpoint, the target audience trusts it easily. However, most people make mistakes while writing press releases. They forget that a press release should not promote the company blatantly. There should be valid information that will make the content believable. Here are some press release writing tips for newbie content writers.

Write attention grabbing headline – Everyday, hundreds of press releases are released in newspapers and online. If you want people to read your PR, then compose an interesting and brief headline that will encourage readers to go through your content. Your headline should sell the story.

Add picture/logo – Do you think that an image can convey your message properly? Don’t hesitate, just add it. When you are writing about an award your company has recently won, it’s always good to add a photo of the award ceremony to make things more convincing. However, if you are releasing the press release online and want to keep it lightweight, try to add only the brand logo as photos can increase loading time.

Give Information – Don’t just claim anything without any solid data. Press release writing is not like service page where you can write “X Company is the best” and promotes your business. For example, if you claim that your newspaper company has the largest number of subscribers, add some data provided by any reliable statistical organization to validate the information.

Keep it Brief – Don’t start writing about the history of your organization. A PR should be written on a particular topic. For instance, if you have launched SEO services, write about the packages, benefits and your USP. That’s it. Make sure the content does not cross the 400 word limit. Nobody likes to read a never ending PR.

Use Keywords – As most of the press releases are published online, you should add keywords related to your business in the content to increase your chances of getting noticed by search engines.

Maintain the Inverted Pyramid Structure – Headline and the first two paragraphs are the two most important things. In the first paragraph, you should provide the answers of who, what, why, when, where, and how. Read the first two paragraphs after writing and if you think you have provided the necessary answers, start explaining further in the following paragraphs.

Don’t Use Cliché Quotes – I have read several PRs where the author used the same quote by the CEO or Chairman of the company in several places. Don’t write stupid quotes just to increase word count if you really don’t have any genuine citation to share with readers.

Use Bullet Points – Seldom writers use bullet points in PRs but considering the attention grabbing nature of bullet points, I suggest that you should use them sometimes to convey the core message to readers quickly. For instance, if you want to highlight the service packages, bullet points can be really useful.

Use this marketing tool intelligently. Whenever you want to announce something important about your company, write a PR to inform the world in a professional manner. Follow the aforementioned press release writing tips and you will be able to write interesting, informative PRs.

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