June 04 2013

Writing Quality Content to Satisfy both Human and Search Engines

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With search engines getting smarter, it is quite clear by now that only good quality written matter in web pages can draw the most traffic. The days of increasing traffic by building thousands of links and stuffing keywords in the articles are long gone. Today, richer the text matter is, more is the traffic to that web page. Therefore, it has become important for business units to design their web pages with high quality text that are able to help visitors acquire some information and knowledge about the concerned product or service. A good seo content writing method should always incorporate various points in order to produce the desired result.

Selecting the topic

A proper selection of topic is the first step towards writing good text. As search engines tend to display those contents first that provide good information to visitors, it is important to select such a topic on which a good article can be written comfortably. An article that is able to convey a message is precious to both search engines and users. The ultimate aim of any search engine is to provide satisfying search experience to users and it is only possible through good quality text. Thus, if the blog or article is informative in nature, it satisfies the user as well as the search engines, giving a boost to its ranking.

Keyword searching

Though keyword stuffing has become a matter of the past, keywords still play a decisive role in the success of an article.  Therefore, a thorough keyword research is absolutely necessary for good seo content writing. It would help writers know what words are used by users for looking up something on the net, which keywords are mostly used by people in local as well as global searching etc. It would help writers produce quality content by writing on the most popular topics. In contrast, an improper keyword research would do no good and ultimately result in failure of the whole initiative.

Style of writing

Write ups that cannot be easily understood are of no use and people generally do not get drawn to them. Therefore, contents must have clarity in the style of writing and it is important for each and every writer to retain the clarity till the end as only then readers would read the whole article without shifting to any other page in the middle. Contents that do not have clarity in them have a higher level of bounce rate than those that have clarity. Many people think that blog posts need to be around 700 to 1000 words in order to be popular but the truth is that it is not the number of words but the quality of it that makes it popular.

In order to increase the popularity of the page, writers have to write good quality content, make their page visible in search results and keep visitors longer on the page. If someone follows these points closely, it would be possible for him to make seo content writing his profession and, that too, without much hassle.

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