December 06 2012

Quicken Your Pace of Writing

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Gone are the days when people had the luxury of spending years for writing a literary piece. Nowadays, time is often given greater importance than quality. And who knows it better than content writers? They need to write several articles and blogs with the burden of deadline behind their back 24/7. Within how much time one can write a 500 word article is one of the deciding factors of one’s productivity at a content writing services providing company.

Here are a few writing tips that can help you speed up your pace of writing:

Create an outline before you start: Plan out what you are going to write before you actually start writing. Decide on the heading and the format or structure for your content. Make sure that your content justifies the heading or the title you have provided. If the content is a “how to?” then decide on the steps you are going to include. Planning ahead saves you a lot of time and gets your content done in almost half the time you would have otherwise spent.

Set yourself a timer: This helps you stay focused. A major reason behind the long hours it takes to write is distraction. Setting a timer helps you stay focused.

Don’t edit while you write: This dramatically slows down the process of writing. It also interferes with the flow of ideas. So, instead of wasting time to make that first paragraph perfect, just keep on scribbling what comes to mind without worrying about the quality. Save that worry for the revision part. Once you are done, go back to the beginning and start editing the spellings, grammar etc.

Keep typing: Don’t stop once you have started. Checking emails and taking breaks are a no-no. Set yourself a time, say 20 minutes, and just go on typing for those minutes. This is difficult to begin with but is fruitful once you get into the flow of it.

Write regularly: This helps in bringing your thoughts together which, in turn, helps in better presentation of the same. Not having the habit of writing makes thinking difficult i.e. it makes it difficult to structure your thoughts and give it a proper body. The thoughts seem to be all jumbled up in your mind and come about haltingly to you.

Include only what is relevant: Before you start, identify the goal of the content  and objective of your content writing services . Once that is done, start writing and include only those points that are relevant. Do not keep on writing only because you know about it. Suppose the content is about the benefits of dark chocolate, avoid including a detailed summary of its origin and where it is available, simply stick to your purpose, i.e. to convince readers that dark chocolate is indeed beneficial and they should have it for better health.

Use shorter sentences: It helps you get out of one. Long and complicated sentences take up quite some time to get them properly organized. Moreover, it is often confusing for the readers.

These tips are useful and will surely help you produce more and make you a pro in content writing services.

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