April 11 2013

How Can You Convert a Reader into a Customer through Content Marketing?

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In the last one year, webmasters witnessed the wrath of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates which punished websites for keyword stuffing, poor content quality and link spamming. SEO experts realized that the days of thoughtless keyword insertion were gone as Google gave more priority to readers’ satisfaction and not how many keywords or links a site had. This situation changed the age old concept of content writing and link building altogether. Instead of writing gibberish content for article submission sites, writers are now concentrating more on content marketing.

Posting valuable articles on third party websites is a great strategy as far as branding and search engine optimization are concerned. You get natural high quality inbound links from a variety of sources and that improves ranking on SERPs.

However, to maximize the impact of content marketing and generate leads, you should follow some standard rules. Read the following points to learn how you can keep readers and search engines happy.

Know your audience – To reach your target audience effectively, you must know them, their likes and dislikes and what types of websites they visit regularly. Make a list of those websites because they are the ideal publisher of your posts. Contact the webmasters and send your articles for guest blogging.

Add images – You should include images in your post because graphics not only help in simplifying complicated facts but attract readers as well. When people share your content on social media sites like Facebook, they will be able to choose a suitable thumbnail to generate interest among their friends. Add your own image in the “about the writer” section as this will help Google check the authenticity of your article.

Promote – You may have exceptional content writing skills but visibility on the web determines readership. Therefore, use as many channels as possible for promotion. Mention about your guest posts in your website and share the articles’ links on your personal social media profile.

Give references – While discussing a specific topic, try to mention the reputed personalities in that field. This has two benefits. The readers immediately understand that your information is genuine and when those experts see that you have mentioned their name, they share your posts with others willingly. They don’t want to help you but they can’t resist the desire to show other people that their name has been published as a reference.

Use keywords intelligently – Never pack the body content with too many keywords as Google will consider it as keyword spamming. Target Google’s weakness and insert your business related keywords in title, Meta and image alt tags for better ranking on SERPs.

Stand for something – Don’t tell people what you do because there are obviously dozens of other companies doing the same thing. Instead, tell people why you do it and what makes you different from others. When you highlight how your products/services can change the target consumers’ lives, they get hooked immediately.

Be transparent and follow up – Provide your readers with well researched content and if they find any mistake, accept your fault and apologize. Readers often post comments below articles and you should regularly visit the guest blogging sites to read the new comments. If someone asks any question, write a reply as soon as possible. Sometimes a simple “thank you” can make a loyal reader very happy.

Content marketing gives your brand incredible exposure and direct readers towards your website. So, utilize your content writing skills and start writing guest posts regularly for higher lead generation.

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