May 13 2013

3 Reasons how Guest Post Writing can Boost up your Blog

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Over the last few years, Internet Marketing has undergone some huge and drastic changes. All the major search engines including Google have implemented several technologies, thereby turning search engine optimization into a more intelligent affair. Mere link building and keyword stuffing are not enough nowadays to make blogs and articles popular. In fact, the whole idea of blog and article popularity today depends on the quality of the content. The blogs that are not rich in content and fail to provide adequate information to readers are often placed in the lower ranks of search results. However, guest blog post writing can spice up a site to a large extent by drawing the attention of a large number of readers.

In recent times, celebrity blogging has become a very effective and efficient method of internet marketing. All sorts of business units, be it small, medium or large scale business organizations, are getting more and more inclined towards guest blogging. In fact, many companies are now hiring good writers and entrusting them the responsibility of writing good guest blogs for them. The importance of guest blogging cannot be denied anymore as it actually helps a site in three different ways.

• Good guest blogs generate great link juice. In fact, it is a strategy that can produce good results in long term SEO. The company can get back a lot of link juice by the virtue of each backlink that such blog posts provide. The link juice increases with the placement of the write up in a more authoritative site. Proper guest blog post writing can ultimately help in increasing the SERP rankings of the particular blog page.

• Guest blogging is an effective method of assembling quality contents. People generally tend to submit free contents to guest blogs in order to get a backlink. The site owner has exclusive control over the site and can decide which blogs should be posted and which ones ought to be discarded. Thus, it is possible for a company to assemble quality blogs in its site, thus helping it gain good ranking in the search result pages. This has a unique advantage in the sense that the poster does not have to write good quality blogs himself nor is he required to hire professional writers at extra cost. The guest blogs can do the job perfectly.

• Diversifying the tone of the writing can prove to be hugely useful in making the content more popular. People generally get bored by reading blogs that have the same style and deal with the same old topics. So, if the writing style and tone are changed from     time to time, it can work to retain the interest of the readers, thus making the website more popular.

Guest blog post writing can spice up a website much faster and in a more efficient way than a conventional blog post. It is one of the most effective ways of making a blog post popular and improving its rankings in search results.

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