November 27 2015

Here’s How You Can Release Yourself from a Writer’s Block

Whoever says blogging is easy is wrong. You have to spin the right combination of words to appeal to your readers. Some days, your mind works like a ship’s turbine. But, sometimes you fall into a trap. I am calling it a trap because you just cannot fathom what to write. Today, I am going to suggest you how to disentangle yourself from this trap called writers’ block.
If you have joined a content writing India company, you must be writing at least a dozen blogs per week. Hitting the phase of writers’ blog is nothing unnatural in this situation.

Let’s see how you can redeem your writing.

1. Visit forums to learn about latest trends

The first and foremost thing you can do is visit forums related to your industry. You can assess what customers are looking for, what is the trend in the industry and what your competitors are suggesting.

2. Take a look at what competitors are writing

Do you just write and read your own blogs? You need to read others’ blogs to see what they write. You will not only gain an insight into the writing styles of these bloggers, but also come across new ideas. Who knows, may be you are not covering what the rest of the world is keen to know. Reading what your competitors are writing about is a gold pot that lures readers to your blog post.

3. Step out of the beaten track

People are reading only one side of an argument. You offer them the other side of the argument. If the rest of the world is supporting one particular idea, why don’t you support the other? However, you cannot follow this technique with all types of topics. You should target only controversial topics for making this procedure successful.

4. Find out the influencers

There are bloggers who steer the direction of blogging trends. Keep track of them to learn what is hot in the industry. Of course, you will not write exactly what they are writing about, but what is the harm in knowing about the latest fad.

5. Become an influencer yourself

If you want to steer the direction of the latest trend in blog writing, you will have to work hard. Do extensive research to learn about techniques of influencing others with your blogs. Read more and more to assess what’s going on around you. Remember, everyone is waiting eagerly to know what is going to happen next. Your blog post can give people the information they have not received yet.

6. Get inspired by comments

You cannot cover the entire world in a single blog post. For instance, when composing blogs for the content writing India company, you speak about techniques to write the perfect blog post ending. It is not possible for you to cover all the points at a go. So, to allure your readers for a next round of reading you ask them to suggest their ideas in the comment section. This is your source of new ideas. See, what other suggestions readers have for you, read their grievances and answer their questions.

7. Take help from Twitter chats

I guess the maximum numbers of visitors to Twitter are celebrities. But, you can also learn about blogging from Twitter chats. How? You can read Question & Answer Sessions by expert bloggers of content writing India companies. Trust me; these sessions are really helpful if you have any question related to blogging ideas.

8. Social Media is a treasure island

As a blogger you must visit social media sites. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn help you realize what readers are looking for. Being on these sites you can read the comments of readers and assess their requirements.

9. Speak to the sales team of your company

The sales team of your content writing India company is well aware of what the customers need. They come in direct contact with the customers. You can speak to them to realize the requirements of the customers. Your readers will like it when they come across their preferred topic.

10. Take the help of a senior blogger

A senior blogger is more experienced than you are. By asking him or her for assistance, you can make sure that your blog has a suitable topic, format and direction.

11. Observe holidays and special events

Special events and holidays always call for a roundup blog. For instance, blogs related to the final make-up tips on a Christmas party, what to gift your little ones on Christmas and the latest fashion for Christmas.
Just keep the content handy and use it as a source of information for other occasions like, New Year, Birthday, Halloween, Thanks Giving, etc.

12. New announcements are an eye-opener

As part of a content writing India company, you may come across a piece of news that impacts your industry. You may also learn about something new related to the industry of your client company. Write blogs that informs your readers about the latest changes in the industry. So, keep an eye on the news and come up with stuff that no one has written yet.

13. Go back to your previous hits

Go down the memory lane and see what type of blogs made you a hit among readers. Use the same topics to create magic again. But, make sure that you do not rewrite the previous blogs with the same points. Things change a lot in months. For example, you want to write about techniques to optimize your content in the end of 2015. You can only borrow the topic idea from a blog written in the past. But, you cannot take the content and the techniques written therein. This is because, SEO updates keep changing and your blog should be about the latest techniques.
Now, that you know of some of the inspiring sources of blog posts, apply them for your next blog. Do not forget to inform me, if I have missed out any point. And, let me know how you write the next blog post for content writing India company.

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