December 28 2015

11 Helpful Tips to Retain Visitors on Your Blog for a Longer Time Span

You write a blog for hours and your audience hardly reads what you have written. Now, this is disheartening. In order to get visitors to your blog and retain them, you have to do more than just write. If you are a novice writer at a content writing company, you must try to keep back your visitors. Keeping back your visitors for an extended time period helps in improving your career prospects. Today, I am going to tell you exactly what you can do to ensure longer visitor stay on your blog post.

Let me help you out with some useful techniques to facilitate the longer stay of customers on your blog site.

# Solve your readers’ problems

Why do people visit your blog post? Because they hope to find a solution. Give them what they are looking for. Now, if you lure them with the promise of answers to one question and give them something else, why would they stay?

You may offer them solutions in many ways. You can write a blog that answers similar types of queries. You can also write blogs that cater to individual queries. Answering questions create a loyal following. The best thing about blog writing is that your fan- following can make you a popular name in the field of your expertise. You can get an edge over your competitors.

# Take a look at the size of your content

As a beginner, you must limit the size of your content to maximum 400 words. With time, you will gather audience and experience. No problem, if you stretch the blog size after that.

Another effective concept is the size of the paragraphs. A big paragraph repels readers. Not everyone who visits your post is an avid reader. So, keeping the paragraphs short is feasible, if you are trying to cater to the masses.

# Question your readers

An experienced blog writer at a content writing company asks questions to his or her readers. Do the same to ensure the return of the reader. Asking questions is an effective way to increase communication with your clients. Moreover, whenever a reader answers your questions, he or she spends a little more time on your blog post. Answer to the comments of the readers and make sure that they come back for more

# Focus on one subject

Your blog should deliver only one main idea. Find out how many messages you want to deliver. If there are more than one core messages, you should concentrate on writing two blogs. However, if there is one topic, you should write just one blog. For instance, you want to write about the advantages of infant car seats and how they are made. Do not put the two main points in a single blog.

# Respond to e-mails

Reach out to visitors through e-mails. Emails are one of the greatest sources of getting traffic to your blogs. In fact, e-mail subscribers tend to read your blog for longer and return to your blog post.

However, the question arises – ‘How to attract more and more subscribers?’ Well, offer PDF or e-book to your readers, if you want a horde of visitors.

# Emphasize on the format of your content

You can make a good start to your content writing company career by maintaining a proper blog structure.

  • Create an attractive headline. It helps in alluring readers to the blog post.
  • The first paragraph should give an insight into what your blog is about. Since, the first paragraph is what makes a visitor stay; you have to be careful about the initial few sentences.
  • The sentences that follow explain the first paragraph in details.
  • The last paragraph is as important as the first paragraph. Some experienced content writers believe that it is the most important part of the blog. It makes sure that readers state their comments and come back for more blogs.

# Make the blog conversational

A blog attracts readers and can retain them by being conversational. Or rather, you have to make it conversational. It may not be a specimen of grammatical expertise. But, the reader must feel that he or she is speaking to you and not reading what you have written.

A conversational content initiates reader engagement. Most importantly, do not forget infusing humor in your blog. This way, not only will your visitors stay longer and return back, they will influence others to visit your blog.

# Display the most read blogs

Once, a visitor finishes reading a blog you can entice him or her to read more blogs. Maintain a ‘Most Read Blogs’ bar on the right-hand side of the blog site. I can assure you that readers switch over to that section after reading a blog. This assists in keeping readers in your blog post for an extended period of time. The content writing company where you are employed has high chances of success if you follow this idea.

# Arrange for a related post widget

A widget below your blog, which mentions names of blogs on the same topic, is useful to keep readers for a longer duration. If they are looking for more information, what can be more useful than blogs on a similar subject?

# Ensure a well-designed legible post

If your blog is not readable, visitors are not going to stay on the site for long. Try to maintain a font size that is readable. Another significant aspect of a blog is white space. Analysts hold the view that the presence of white space enhances retention of traffic to a blog. Also, make sure that the colors of the background and the texts are contrasting. The most common color combination is black text and white background.

# Create a manifold page blog

Are you about to write something in details? You can opt for multiple pages. This way, you can write enough information on each page. On the other hand, your visitors spend more time on each page. But, this is just an idea provided you have an elaborate matter to discuss.

Apply these tips and watch you career flying high at the content writing company. Hello! Don’t get too expectant. It takes at least 8 months to get what you want. In the meantime, think about other techniques. We are waiting for your suggestions. Are you going to state your ideas? Aren’t you?

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