July 30 2014

Rules for Crafting Pitch-Perfect Content for Web

Blogging not only gives vent to your flair for writing, but also, it is one of the effective ways to create a fan base and draw traffic to your website. With blogging, you may turn your passion for writing into profession and connect with thousands of people on the web. No matter what is your goal behind blogging, you need to do it right to savour success. Do you know what it takes to be a successful blogger? Writing for the web world is very much distinct from writing for print media. So, if you know the tricks to pen down an engaging article for a print magazine, you cannot really apply them in web content writing.
When it comes to writing for web, you require being familiar with different set of rules. Master the art of writing engaging web content by applying the following tips and tricks.

1. Know your Niche Audience – Do you know who your potential audience is? Unless and until you are not aware of the group of users you want to cater to, it may be a bit difficult to come up with useful content. The usability of your content very much depends on this factor. If you know your audience, you will see a lot of Facebook shares and a lot of comments pouring in at the end of your content.

2. Gather Information from Good Sources – Behind every useful article, there are good resources. Research thoroughly for fine and informative sources for writing your blog post. Try to create your content from at least, four to five sources. Note down the key factors that you come across in each of them.

3. Pay Attention to Keyword Analysis and Insertion – Selecting keywords in relevance to the topic or theme of your content is the third most important factor to consider for successful web content writing. Choose keywords that are popular and competitive and include them in your content wisely to achieve high ranks on search engine.

4. Prepare a Well-thought Outline – You have a lot of ideas in your mind when you start writing a blog post. In order to ensure that you do not miss out on any of the vital ideas, you should jot them down at first by creating an outline. A good outline will pave the way for a perfect content.

5. Create Punchy Headlines and Motivating Introduction – After creating the outline of your blog post, it is time to start penning down the article. The first step towards that is a catchy title perfectly relevant to the article theme. A headline is the first thing that a user notices. It more or less provides a platform to judge the entire write-up and you cannot go wrong in that. Keep the title brief and make it out-of-the-ordinary. Next, you have to make sure that the introductory paragraph of your post is gripping enough to influence readers to go through the rest of the content. It must be short (not more than 60 to 70 words) and contain a fair idea about what you wish to convey through your article.

6. Construct your content in an Inverted Pyramid Writing Style – To make your article an engaging read, use sub-headlines. Sub-heads help to cover all the points and highlight them effectively. It is best to follow the inverted pyramid style of writing when writing for web. The essence of embracing this format is that you can include all the points starting from the most important and concluding with the least one.

7. Maintain Novelty – Although you are crafting your content from a number of other online resources, your write-up should still reflect uniqueness. The topic you have chosen and the points you wish to cover can be seen in other articles. You can maintain originality with a different voice and tone of writing and using enriched vocabulary.

8. Devote Some Time for Editing your Write-up – Before you upload your blog post, dedicate a considerable amount of time to proof-read it. Thorough editing will make sure your article does not feature any grammatical errors and wrong construction of sentences that may happen due to fast typing speed. Most commit the mistake of not editing their content before posting them which affects the quality of content.

These are the eight rules to reach the acme of success as a blogger. Many bloggers are not aware of a few things that can hamper their writing. So, I would like to tell you what are the mistakes that you must not commit when blogging.

Posting content once in a blue moon – This is the worst thing you can do to mess up your blogging career. Irregular blogging can affect your visibility on the web world in a negative way with low website traffic. Focus to upload at least, one blog post every week.

Writing Long Essays – On Internet, no one is interested to read lengthy write-ups. While sometimes it becomes necessary to pen down a long post considering the topic, make sure your blog is not all about essays that appear never-ending while reading them. Come with such a post once in a while and other times, it is smarter to stick to concise and compact content.

Hesitating to Include Videos in Blog Posts – Can you locate any one blog post which does not contain images? Then, what is new about your blog posts? If you stick to images only, you will never get an edge over your competitors. So, it is time to include relevant and interesting videos in your content to stand out of the crowd.

Over-Usage of Keywords – Keep this fact firmly in your mind that you need to maintain a keyword density of 1.5 to 2 percent. Insert keyword in the first, middle and at the end of the content or Google’s vigil watch will catch you.
Hope you have got a comprehensive knowledge about what exactly are required to achieve perfection in web content writing. So, start blogging with confidence and I wish you all the very best for that.


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