April 09 2011

Search Engine Mandates For Content Writing Websites

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Imaginative people think of doing innumerable incredible things and at the time of inspiration they prize their thoughts. Then how come that people having done incredible things can be numbered precisely. The reason probably lies in the volatility of inspiration. Is it? Or is it their fantasy to be blamed? Net-lovers often get swayed by the appeal of a personalized blog with terrific content writing and end up making a blog of their own. But when inspiration vanishes, the blog ends up being an abandoned initiative.

A significant part of the website indexed in search engines is invalid for exactly this reason. So, why is it that the virtual world is crammed with so much of useless sites created by people with so much of sacred enthusiasm? This is not owing to the unpredictable appearance and disappearance of the Muse but rather due to the lack of sustained effort towards the site.

Presence in the virtual world is influenced by the norms of the search engines which require your site to have good and authentic content writing (no manipulation of thought intended). And the site also needs to have freshness with frequent posts. Faithfulness to such mandates means you have to engage considerable effort in keeping your site live. Here are some tips on how you can keep your website live and happening.

Some of the search engine-ordained responsibility requires you to devote a quantity of time to your website’s content writing on a regular basis. These are some mandates you cannot ignore.

Use right keywords: All that a picture-blind search engine recognizes are keywords. Choose a topic of your choice and sprinkle relevant keywords in the content writing. For example, Google assigns relevancy to websites that contain keywords which the search community uses while looking for information. Correct set of keywords will give your site visibility.

Post frequently: An age-old blog equals to a stagnant bog which attracts none, says a search engine spider. And that is true. Your content writing website will get good ranking only when it search-spiders crawls it frequently. So, take up a few minutes everyday and post this or that, provided it is consistent with your topic.

Allow comment and popular share options: The number of visit to a sight and its sharing is also accountable for the value it gets from the search engine. Offering options for posting comment will make your content writing site a kind of discussion forum (not literally) which will help you keep the site fresh. You can offer sharing option also and let your visitors share the content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Uniqueness of content: Don’t forget to make your content writing unique and genuine. Copied content will lead you nowhere and your website will never surface on the first SERP. It might not get a place even in the first ten pages, if you are a dedicated copycat. Even drawing inspiration from other sites can disqualify your site. So, hang up Original things.

You can definitely benefit from these search engine-sanctifies methods. But there are other qualities necessary to make your site engaging and optimize visit.

Stay consistent to topic: When your content website has a H1 tag that implies the materials within the site, it is advisable to ensure that all the posts are relevant. That will attract the readers because a particular community is likely to frequently come back to your site to find material they look for.

Clarity in topic: It is necessary for a web content writer to make sure that the purpose of writing is evident in very first sentence. It will engage readers at the first glance.

Website design: You are free to show your creativity here. But whatever design you choose, make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing and perfectly aligns with the text content.

Follow these simple tips, populate your content website with visits, tweets and go live.

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