June 28 2011

SEO Content Writing – How Is It Different From Other Types of Writing

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Writing is an extremely creative art, but the fact is that, there are different types of writing. Actually, it can vary a lot, and it also depends on the medium where it is being published. For example, prose is of course different than poetry, though both of these are writing. Again, writing a screenplay is not the same as writing a report for the evening news, or a book for the kids. On the Internet, writing the sales copy for a website is hugely different than writing an article that is to be submitted to the article directory.

Writing for the Web

There are two basic purposes of writing for the web. You write, either to bring in traffic by making the copy search engine optimized, or you write to convert that traffic into sales or leads. Writing for traffic is referred to as SEO content writing. This can be both pre-sales (writing articles and press releases that are submitted to directories), or point-of-sale (copy in the website). Of course, it is really very difficult to make the copy SEO friendly, and yet, making it appealing enough to enhance the conversions. But this can be done by those who are real experts in website content writing. These are the guys who are really talented.

What Exactly Is SEO Content Writing?

What is SEO content writing, and how is it different than other forms of web writing? The main point of difference here is in the inclusion of keywords. The writer will have a set of keywords to work with, and his or her job will be to include these keywords several times in the copy. It is essential to maintain a certain keyword density. For example, if the content is 500 words, and if the keyword is included 5 times in the copy, then the keyword density is 1%. The writer may have to include 2 to 3 keywords and might have to maintain the density of 1% without compromising the quality of the text. So, you see, the job is not easy.

The inclusion has to be done naturally, because forceful inclusion will of course bring down to the quality of the content. The keywords must also be spread out evenly on the page. Some people insist that the keyword should be there in the first sentence of the first Para and the last sentence of the last paragraph – but this is not really necessary. Of course, this will make SEO content writing more difficult, because the writer’s creativity is then severely limited.

Why Is SEO Copy So Important?

A search engine robot or spider crawls a web site looking for keywords. It is necessary that a keyword or a set of keywords is repeated for a descent number of time to enable the spider understand the theme of the website and thereby index the website. If all other factors are working for the website, such as its linking, coding and more, then the website can achieve good ranks for these keywords. This is why the SEO writer must include the keywords in the copy.

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