October 19 2011

SEO content writing: a blend of visibility concern and conversion issue

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There are websites with good content writing that get 100 visitors a day but make business pretty well with hands always off the gloves. There are also content-based websites for whom regular traffic volume hovers around a several thousands mark but there is no business. This dichotomy tells a lot about the effectiveness of web performance and website content writing is always instrumental in this. The development of SEO content writing, which is a relatively new genre in web content domain, is an outcome of the web marketers concern to flood websites with content that gives them online visibility and converts visitors into clients.

There is no doubt that the text content of a website should be original, relevant and with absolutely zero percent error but these attributes do apply to all the writers writing for any industry and for any purpose. But when a content developer is writing for online marketing by using search engines as the platform to promote business and connect to the audience, the criteria of a good piece of content get a little more broad-based. Though relevancy and flawlessness remain paramount, some other aspects assume critical importance. Have a close look at them:

Originality: Though a content developer swears by originality and at times do produce original copies, an unoriginal content in SEO implicates terrible misfortune. The search engine can rob your site off the ranking it already has if you prove yourself a copycat.

Conciseness: This is also something common of all the good writers. But a great SEO content writing developer should take “conciseness” in a different way. Expression must be very crisp and to-the-point. But when the context is SEO writing, conciseness means using nudges of content that match the query of users. This is what goes by the name of ‘Keywords” in the world of SEO. In fact, keyword is one of the elements that differentiate SEO content from other general contents.

Keyword density: The idea behind maintaining a proper keyword density is to ensure that a site does well against relevant search query by making itself appropriate for a showing by the virtue of the having relevant info in the form of keyword. Though the degree of keyword density is variable, it should nonetheless have them sufficiently for the search engines to index a page and give it ranking.

However all these methods pertain to the efforts of an online marketer who want to pose like a goodie to the search engine and enjoy its favor. This truly results in good amount of traffic. But huge volume of traffic might turn out to be hoax with every visitor bouncing the next second they drop in.

This is where professional website content writing services come into play.

Traffic cannot be an end in itself but conversion is. User experience is very critical in the performance of a website and it is an accepted truth that writing for the web and writing for the other medium are poles apart. The reasons include:

  •  Online information seekers have little time and patience to go through scholastic delineation.
  • They like to scan and skim the texts more than reading.
  • They have the liberty to compare product and prices.
  • They have peer network where they can get user reviews before placing an order.

Organizations involved in content writing services are aware of these issues and they ensure that the web content has the proper prerequisites which make it a successful ad and promotional aid.

Here are the qualities a professional web content writing organization should focus on.

  • The content must be properly structured with easy to read snippets and no marathon paragraphs.
  • It should contain an identifiable theme and the entire write up should concentrate on it developing it or at least relevant.
  • If it has a title, it should be attention-grabbing.
  • The title and the body must sync well.
  • Focus should be on highlighting your competitive edge and claim to distinction in service.

A couple of keywords can be used by any writer but when conversion is the key objective of a web content developer, all these above qualities should be there in the copy and it takes years to perfect these skills.

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