September 29 2011

SEO content writing for online visibility and for business

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There was a time when website content writing or SEO content writing meant stuffing content with keywords to make the webpage relevant to search queries. But it was in the early days of search engine optimization when the school of webmastering was in its developmental phase. But in the successive years, major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have become more conscious towards their obligations to users—to provide them with info that is relevant to their query in the best possible manner. Today content writing is all about matching that criterion.

Content writing to meet search engine criteria and give value to visitors

 When it is said content is king, it is literally so. First, website content including commercial blogs must be informative and have keywords that match search query. Here placing the keyword means developing unique content for a target audience that has a certain expectation from a website, i.e. information, product or service. So, a content writing company must conflate the two aspects—relevancy of the content to the visitors and keywords that fits into the mould without making themselves appear forcibly tucked into. From this perspective a company providing SEO content writing in India or anywhere else prioritizes the quality of content because it gives value to the user and in this way abides by the implicit guidelines of a search engine.

So the points to remember in the process of web content writing include

  • SEO content writing should be focused on how it is relevant to visitors or the topic.
  • Keywords should be occurring in the website content writing naturally.
  • Mechanical use of excessive keywords will madden the search engines.
  • Semantically similar but lexically variant keywords can be used to improve website ranking and maximize traffic.

This is clearly the technical part of website content writing because keywords will drive traffic to your website and bring you opportunity to make business. But the most important trick of the trade lies in making business successfully and it is the same content writing that comes to your service.

Content writing beyond search engine

Now when you want to host ads in your website, a good ranking is sufficient but if you want to make business and expect your visitors to repeatedly come back to your site, then the object of content writing goes beyond meeting the criteria set by a search engine.

It is your business need and not visibility need which is more important. And web content writing should be framed for visitor conversion and repeat business. This is why companies across the globe today are trying to make their websites content-rich ensuring that the information provided is valuable.

Here in their effort to flood websites with good SEO content, they not only use informative and relevant content in their websites but they also routinely update the content to satisfy the visitors and give them reasons to come back time and again. This makes repeat business possible and it works towards developing a loyal customer base. This is why an organization providing SEO content writing in India focus on two aspects of content writing—quality and freshness.


To achieve an optimum quality, a content writing company must understand the requirements of his consumer segment and ensure that the texts contain information visitors come looking for. Since a webmaster hardly knows what an individual visitor wants, it’s imperative to research well and write content that might be relevant. Besides, the write up must be free from typos, grammatical issues and expression errors.


Fresh content must be there after regular intervals because the visitors will be coming back repeatedly to find out what new is on offer. This is why the commercial blog as well as static content in service pages must be updated. But webmasters are at variance as to how frequently contents should be changed. While commercial blogs should be changed everyday or every alternate day, weekly update of static content is enough.

Content is important for both visibility and business.

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