November 17 2011

SEO content writing practices after the Google Panda update

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Till date, website content writing has been the most neglected part of online marketing. But with the latest Google Panda update, SEO content writing professionals have come to understand the value of superlative content. That is why Google has decided to filter only those websites possessing valued content while throwing the rest of the copy-cats. Website content writing is an integral part of the online business industry and is highly beneficial in web marketing as well as SEO campaigns.

Even after the recent algorithm changes in the Google Panda Update, content still is reigning high and is the major determinant in attaining higher ranks in the search engine results. Website content writing is much of an art form as well as a set skill that holds immense attention of the online users. Websites will fail to function properly if web contents are removed from them. therefore, certain guidelines have to be presented to the SEO content writing professionals so that they can improve on their writing abilities while following the rules set by Google:-

  • Focus on the core informational value- on one hand, the cyberspace is increasing in size and Google has turned smarter with its guidelines. Based on the latest update by Google, online users can expect to read information rich articles which are relevant to specific use. Copy-cat articles will not be valued anymore since this renewed algorithm has been specially designed to spot similar information within the database of Google. Rewritten materials will be ranked lowered in the parameters set by this algorithm. Therefore, SEO content writing has to be set with a brand new approach to avoid lower ranks online. This can be done by focusing more on the information quality instead of increasing word counts. Web content writing professionals can consider joining various online communities and forums for understanding what the potential online readers are looking for.
  • Shun off being keyword centric- in this age of social networking site, relevant and worthy information has been way rewarded and recognized. Hence, there is no point if the content writing professionals still focus on the SEO part. There is no problem if a writer uses targeted keywords in the overall article, but information provided in the write-up has to be of superior quality. Try to ignore being more keyword centric and make sure to produce informative material.
  • Employ the lost notion of 5 W’s and 1 H- once again, instill the long lost value of journalism- the 5 W’s and 1 H or the ‘inverted pyramid’ style into web content writing  to bring relevancy and weight into each of your articles. This web content writing pattern indicates that the most important things are positioned in the initial part of the write-ups and the rest are sequenced according to their order of importance. In this way, you can present information in a neat order and the readers will get their share right away.
  • Develop interactive articles for niche audiences- any content writing company engaged into SEO writing must address to specific audiences and draft out interactive write-ups for higher exposure. Since, today’s online users are constantly bombarded by numerous article across the web media, it would be better for the content writing company to develop interactive articles with all the latest and interesting things in action.
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