October 27 2012

SEO Content Writing: What to Do and What Not to Do

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Optimized website content is extremely helpful in increasing your online visibility and ensuring a higher rank in search engines. However, you should not get tempted to use certain black hat SEO strategies as it will bring down the ranking and reduce credibility of your website.

Here are few guidelines that may be followed in the case of SEO content writing:

What to do:

(1) Smart inclusion of keywords: Proper research is desirable before you make a list of the relevant keywords. You can use Google Keyword Tool for this.
(2) Interesting article: Your article should be informative, relevant and fun to read. Your content should be your priority and not the keywords. First write a fresh content and then incorporate your keywords.
(4) Write with an open mind: You may be asked to write in a style or topic you are not familiar or comfortable with. Do not hesitate. Start writing with an open mind, words will flow. Your main goal should be to please your client and get your article published.
(5)Add a catchy and intriguing title: This will instantly attract readers. Incorporating keywords in the title is important as most users select the title that matches their search string.
(6)Try to consider different types of writing: These include blogs, press releases and other kinds of writings that you may find. This will enhance your style of writing and will make you able to produce fresh content each time.
(7)Keep an eye on the grammar and syntax: Grammatical errors are the most embarrassing mistakes you can make in your article. It clearly shows that you not adept at writing.

What not to do:

(1) Keyword stuffing:  Keyword is important but that does not mean that they are to be stuffed into an article. It clearly gives an impression that it has been written for the purpose of attaining a good rank and not with the purpose of imparting information. It degrades its quality and makes it look like you are desperate to attract traffic.

(2) Do not copy and paste from other’s articles: This shows that you personally have no skills for SEO content writing. Moreover, you can be penalized forever in the charged of copied content.

(3) Do not use the article as a means of promotion: You should neither promote your site nor use your articles in building links.

(4) Never compromise on the quality of your content: Stuffing keywords into your SEO article will only degrade it. Good content will improve your image as a reliable writer before the reader.

(5) Use organic links for improving your ranking on a search engine: Be open to share links but only with websites that are relevant to yours. You should be very careful about what you are including in your website and should never settle for anything less than the very best.

These dos and don’ts will surely help you produce better quality articles which, in turn, will enrich your readers’ experience and enhance your search engine ranking.

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