January 04 2016

SEO Website Copywriting – 6 Interesting Techniques to Entice Your Audience

With 2015 bidding adieu and Google performing some massive updating, it is necessary to create SEO-friendly content for websites. Otherwise, your dreams of becoming an efficient content writer India may only stay a dream. However, it is not just about rankings. SEO also involves promoting appealing and meaningful instances of copywriting. Today, we are going to discuss how your copywriting can rank on search engine results.

Thus, if you want your content to be ranked in search engine results, you should create quality content. nice,

Before we delve deeper into quality copywriting, here is a description about the meaning of copywriting.

The technique of writing content that promotes a business and persuades readers to subscribe to a newsletter or buy a product is called copywriting. Whichever way, the action of the end-user benefits the business offering a product or service.

Articles or blogs are also meant to promote products or services of a business, but they are not equal to copywriting. Service pages too, do not strictly fall under the category of copywriting.

As a copywriter, you need to write copy for promoting products and engaging end-users. A blog writer or an article writer can become an efficient copywriter by honing his or her writing skills. Your writing should be able to persuade readers to take an action. If it does not, it means you need to nurture your creativity and improve your writing skills.

Here are some tips to create effective copywriting that appeals to the end-users and is search-engine friendly.

Know your audience

Do you know for whom you are writing content? Do your homework before you start writing. You have to understand what appeals to your target audience and what your audience is looking for. If you are writing for a strictly professional site, you have to adopt a specific approach. On the other hand, if the website is not that professional, you may adopt less professional tone. Your copywriting should have a positive impact on your target audience. If the target audience likes the content, they can share it on social media platforms. Very soon, you will notice readers flocking to read your creation and you can become a sought-after content writer India.

When Google notices that trustworthy links point to your content, it considers your writing to be an appealing and useful one. This measurement of Google can help your content rank on search engine results. If the end-users are not benefitted in any possible way, they will not share your writing among other readers. Thus, you have to make sure that your end-users find your content informing and readable. If your content is not understandable, rest assured that your audience will soon leave the website for more readable language.

Use active voice

The art of copywriting has an unparalleled motto – never, ever use passive voice. Using passive voice in your content makes it sound boring and slow. Remember, your readers should find your writing catchy and not lengthy. A wordy piece of writing deters readers. Use active voice to create crisp and direct writing. Active voice has greater capability to persuade readers to take action. Therefore, it can ensure higher traffic.

Do not stuff the content with keywords

Did you know that Google determines the position of a page by looking at the frequency and need of a certain set of words within the content?

Some search engine optimizers interpret the aspect of ‘frequency’ in a different manner. They think that using multiple keywords in website copies can promote a website effectively. If you have been following the keyword cramming formula, then stop it immediately. The meaningful utility of keywords at the right place is important for increasing the appeal of a copy. Stuffing a written piece with useless keywords only adds to problems.

Having basic knowledge of keyword research tactics can give you the idea that long tailed keywords help in getting better ranking on search engine results. SEO experts find out relevant keywords on a particular topic. They choose the least targeted keywords for copy writers to create their magic. As such, long tailed keywords are hardly used by large brands. So, if you are writing for a start-up, you can always resort to these keywords.

Write fresh content

For keeping your readers glued to your writing, you need to update your content and infuse the latest information. Not just this, changing your writing style is also a helpful tactic in this case. To become an efficient content writer India, you need to cater to the requirements of the end-users.

If you have to do copywriting on the same topic, it is natural to repeat the same points for years on end. Your style of writing also stays the same. This repetition bores your audience. But, alas, writers’ block reigns on the battlefield. In no time, you find lower and lower traffic to the website you are promoting.

Use power words

There is a specific set of words for every topic, category and style of writing. Your skill as a content writer India manifests when you use the right words at the right time. For instance, if the website is about toys, you have to use words that appeal to parents. Let us consider that you are promoting a website that offers ethnic dresses for women. Let the name of the company be X. In that case, you should use words that entice women. ‘Look like a Queen in ethnic wears from X’ is an appropriate example of power words.

Come up with a tagline

Use a tagline to attract traffic to the website. A tagline is like a story that tells what the end-users are going to receive by using the products or services of a company. For example, ‘We Bring Hopes, We Bring Back Childhood’ can be a perfect tagline for a website offering volunteering opportunities to help needy children.

Here was a bundle of useful information at your disposal. You can use them to become a competent content writer India. Try these tips and observe if your copywriting skills can fight Google updates.

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