October 17 2013

Sharing Options Can Make A Blog Popular Overnight

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The web has become a source of all types of information. Thanks to blogs and forums, you can find information on any topic. There are plenty of article writing professionals out there, sharing their knowledge on different subjects to boost the knowledge of the entire mankind. From “how to write codes in PHP” to “how to ride a bicycle”, anything can be found on internet.

While blogs and websites made web a rich resource for knowledge, the introduction of social media sites and e-mails forwarded the process of knowledge sharing. What if I find something useful and want to share with some of my friends who are searching for the same thing? This feeling of brotherhood is ignited by websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and e-mail service providers. Now, anyone can share any article, image or web-page immediately and disseminate the information to a global community. You don’t even need to search for “web programming tips”, because some of your friends may have already found it and “shared” with or “tweeted” you.

If you have a blog and want to reach people all over the world, make sure your website content is sharable. The number of your regular web traffic can be 50, but if only 20 among them decide to “+1”, “share”, “tweet” or “mail” the posts, you can reach thousands of new readers; also, as the links are shared by their friends, new visitors will actually spend more time in your blog.

So, have you done everything to make your posts sharable? Not yet? Then here are some suggestions for you.

  • You should install Facebook Like/Share, Tweet, +1 and LinkedIn share plug-ins in your website so that readers can share any article immediately with their friends.
  • Social bookmarking is also very helpful for sharing posts with millions of readers. Therefore, install Digg, StumbleUpon and Pinterest buttons too.
  • Sometimes, article writing experts also read others’ blogs to generate new ideas and if they like some of your posts, they would love to share them on blogging community websites like BlogEngage, BizSugar and Blokube.
  • You must enable sharing for websites like Chime.In Scoop.it, and Storify. There are buttons available for sharing via these sites. Search on Google and install the buttons to offer visitors an opportunity to share your content with others.
  • Some of the readers may like to convert an article on PDF format and print it for offline sharing. This generally happens when you mainly write educational content or tutorials. WordPress users can install a plug-in named “WP Print” for exactly this purpose.
  • Give users an option to e-mail your web page. There is a free plug-in that lets users mail an entire page or just an article easily.
  • A responsive website can be viewed perfectly from portable devices and PCs. Millions of smartphone users access blogs from their phones and as mobile phone browsers come with some inbuilt sharing options, you should make your website design responsive.
  • You can use several other content marketing platforms like SlideShare and Podcasting to distribute your blog content.

The success of a blog does not solely depend on your article writing skills. You have to give users enough options to share the articles with their friends and bring the web traffic home.

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