March 26 2011

Simple tips to improve writing skills

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Writing is a skill that sharpens with regular practice and exposure. Some lucky ones are gifted with this ingenious skill from the birth but for many, this emerges as a passion at some stage of life. If you are a budding writer and are aspiring for a vigorous growth in this dimension, you need to follow certain key mantras. We bring you some helpful tips that can serve as the wedge to polish your writing abilities.

Be a voracious reader: Reading is a healthy habit which if practiced daily can help you grow in the content writing arena. A plenty of reading materials are available today ranging from newspapers, magazines, novels, periodicals and many more. Get hold of anything that interests you and read consistently. The more you read, the stronger you grow in your vocabulary and writing style. Regular reading helps you in finding your own writing drawbacks and paves your way to significant improvements.

Practice regularly: As there is no short way to success similarly there is no easier way for perfection in writing other than regular practice. Effective writing does not come in a day. Make it a habit to write on daily basis no matter what topics come upon. Make yourself flexible to write on diverse topics which will increase your capabilities. Writing on various subjects will make you develop a range of article writing style and will lead you to be an exceptional writer.

Open up to embrace criticism: Criticism is an important element to sharpen your article writing skill. Though at the first outset, it may be difficult to accept the criticisms, but the truth is when these are taken in a positive spirit one can find immense improvement in himself. It is not necessary that your content is praised every time. Even the best of writers have faced criticisms at some or other point of their writing career. So, learn to accept criticisms graciously and use these to amend your drawbacks for efficient article writing in the future.

Learn to value time: Remember if you are engaged in a content writing that is based on some current topic, you should give priority to timing. These types of contents hold relevance as long as these are fresh and hence should be produced within the time schedule.

Ensure smooth flow in your writing: Any writing piece that presents mere vaguely connected facts inevitably fails to impress the readers. No matter what topic you are writing on, make sure your article writing has the flow that immediately gives a feel of connection to the readers. The introduction should follow the body which should build the conclusion.

Read aloud your writing: This is an essential step that helps to ensure no conscious or unconscious errors have crept into the writing. After every writing exercise, make it a habit to read it aloud. This lets you have a clearer look into your own writing and detect the mistakes to introduce significant improvements.

Proof-read before publishing: Once you are done with your article writing, never forget to edit it before publishing. Human errors like grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes may find place in the writing, no matter how experienced or efficient you are in the field. An error-free copy always wins the crowd and hence should be your primary focus. Even after complete evaluation you may feel the temptation to re-write. Resist the temptation, go to bed and next day send it for publishing. If you ponder too much over re-writing, the article will probably never reach the publishing desk.

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