August 22 2014

Six Commandments for Writing Engaging Content

What is the most important factor for successful online marketing? What promises to drive maximum traffic to a website? Finally, what is it that pulls people to the web world? The answer to all these questions is the same. It is content. Let me give you the proper answer. It is actually quality content. Content that evokes interest in the mind of the reader about the product or service highlighted in the write up and urges him or her to learn more is called quality content. Many things go into creating such an interesting write up. Along with a flair for writing, a web content writer needs to be familiar with the winning techniques of writing for the web world. A good content writing company always looks for such skilled writers. In this blog post, I will let you know how to pen down engaging articles and blog posts.

People prefer to come across useful write ups on the Internet. A content writer is entrusted with the big responsibility of enriching the web world with quality content. Gone are the days when low quality articles used to get visibility easily. With the release of Panda update and its frequent revisions, Google has signalled that no one is going to be spared for messing up the biggest search engine with spammed and duplicate write ups. We all have heard a maxim from our childhood days, honesty is the best policy. Now, it is time to actually follow this valuable principle. Writing quality content is nothing next to an impossible job provided you have the writing skills. The following tips will help you.

Write for the Right Audience

Are you writing for your target audience? It is important that your niche customers are able to connect with the content you create. When your articles offer value to them, they will feel the urge to try out the brand you are promoting. Starting from the right choice of topic to creating catchy headlines, attractive subtitles and an encouraging entire write up, everything should be done keeping in mind the potential customers.

Keep it Simple and Easy to Grasp

Writing for web is different and honestly speaking, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of writers (with a successful stint in print media) fail to engage readers on web. This, however, does not mean they are bad writers. The fact is that they do not know the norms of writing for Internet users. Web content should be easy-to-understand since different users take help from online resources. No one visits Internet to go through a long, plain and boring essay. Readers want information, news and views expressed in simple words and in a conversational or better than that, in a storytelling manner. They are not going to spend a whole lot of time going through your content. So, you need to be influential making use of the simplest words in an easy-to-understand format or writing style.

Hold the Attention of Readers with an Interactive Tone

Do you know the difference between the writing style for articles and that for blog posts? A bit formal style of writing is considered perfect for articles whereas, blog posts demand a casual voice. It is worth mentioning that today; there is a very thin line of difference between the two styles. If you browse thoroughly, you will see that articles are now being written in blog style. An out-and-out professional tone is not welcome in web content as readers tend to lose interest while browsing such write ups. An interactive style is the key to success. Whether it is technical articles or travel stories, you have to be conversational to lend a personal touch to your writing. Then only, a reader will be able to connect with you or more specifically, the product or service you are promoting. A well-known content writing company recruits writers who are adept in this writing style.

Present Content in an Attention-Grabbing Manner

One of the best ways to hold the attention of readers is to break content in several paragraphs with subheadings. This is particularly applicable to lengthy pieces. Maximum readers prefer short pieces over long ones. But certain crucial topics require in depth discussion which increases the word count. So, it is essential to use subtitles and bullet points that will highlight vital information and keep readers engaged. Keep the introductory paragraph short. Readers must get a fair idea about the topic you will be discussing in the later paragraphs. It is not necessary to add a conclusion forcefully. Include it only when it seems appropriate and significant.

Make Sure Content is Error Free and Unique

There are many factors that prevent a reader from going through the entire content. They are wrong construction of sentences, grammatical mistakes and typos. The worst thing is when an article is fully copied from another website. Select at least three to four resources when crafting content. Note down the important points and elaborate them with your own words. Do not forget to run a thorough edit before publishing or submitting the article.

Stay Updated and be Consistent

As a web content writer, you need to stay updated with the latest news and developments. This will help you to write fluently on any topic without spending much time on research. On the other hand, you should upload content to your blog/website on a regular basis. Inconsistency in this matter will affect the PR of your site and you will lose your followers. Can you afford to do that?
With these six simple steps, it is possible to come up with great content that attracts readers, promotes a particular brand and helps in conversions.
As I already stated earlier that Google and its algorithms are keeping a vigil watch on those producing cheap quality content; hence, duplicate content will no more find place in search engines. So, if you want to hire a writer, make sure you contact a renowned content writing company in order to be assured of quality.

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